I Hate My To Do List.

Today has been…a day.

I feel like I’ve been running and going and doing non-stop.


I think I need a clone.

My To Do list is still a mile long, but I don’t feel like doing ANY of it.



I’m hoping that once Hermione’s birthday party is over with, I’ll be a lot less stressed and overwhelmed. I’m making a lot of the stuff for the party myself (with the help of some family members) so it’s been uber-stressful. (I’ll totally post some pics of the party so you can see just how hard I’ve been working on this shin-dig!)

I’ve already drank my feelings in the form of a mini Chocolate Oreo shake from Sonic, but I think I could use some laughter. Especially because the baby is asleep so I can actually sit down and watch some silliness!


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