Try It Tuesday

Lately, my Pinterest news feed has been BLOWING UP with the new breakfast sensation, overnight oatmeal. I’ve had muesli before, which seems like the same thing, so I thought I’d try it!




You can basically use any ingredients you want, as long as your oat to liquid ratio is 1:1. I chose to try the chocolate peanut butter recipe (minus a few ingredients and added a few of my own). Here’s what I used:

oatmeal (1)


~a mason jar (AKA, my brother-in-law’s “rum chalice”)

~1/2 cup oats

~1/2 cup milk

~1 tbsp vanilla protein powder

~1 tbsp chocolate chips

~1 tsp honey

~1/4 tsp vanilla

~pinch of cinnamon

~1 tbsp peanut butter (melted and drizzled on in the morning)


First, I poured the oatmeal, protein powder, and milk into the jar and stirred vigorously. Then I added the chocolate chips, honey, vanilla, and cinnamon.

oatmeal (3)


I stirred again, screwed on the lid, and then placed my yummy-smelling masterpiece into the fridge to set overnight.

oatmeal (4)


Then, I watched Skyfall with Huff the Hubs and fell asleep waaaaaayyy too late. In the morning, I took my oatmeal chalice from the fridge and opened it up.

photo 1


It was still pretty soupy, but I like my oatmeal like that. I don’t like dry oatmeal. Makes me super thirsty. Anywhoo, moving on… I then melted a tablespoon of peanut butter and added it to my oatmeal.

photo 2


It was….okay. I mean, I typically eat Nutrigrain Eggos for breakfast with a scrambled egg and I try not to deviate from that. I like hot breakfasts, so this was a change for me. I think it will just take some tinkering with recipes to see what I really like. I absolutely want to try this again because its a great, healthy, in-a-hurry-breakfast option!


Have you ever tried overnight oatmeal? What ingredients do you use?


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