Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday, peeps!

I’ve got some geek-tacular schtuff to get your weekend kicked off right!


Its the end of the workweek. You’re probably uber-excited to say “sayonara!” to the office or maybe its been a stressful week and you’d rather just give the office The Bird. If this describes you, I’ve got JUST the thing!

punching bag

Its a desktop punching bag! Its suctions to your desktop so after those annoying meetings (in which nothing gets done) you can take out your aggression on this!


Remember a few months ago when I tried the TARDIS simulator online and it was a total bust? Guess what? I found one that actually works! And its awesome!


Just click this link, then mouse over to the TARDIS and click the “X”! You won’t be sorry!


Its getting super close to fall, which means its time to stay in, cozy up, and bake some awesome treats! And what better way to enjoy sweet baked goody than with this amazingly nostalgic Mario mushroom pan?!

Level up with sweetness!

Level up with sweetness!

And the best part? Its less than $10! Those peeps over at Think Geek just get even more awesome!


The other day, I went to visit my niece and nephews. They were so excited about something their mom had bought them. They ran up to me and said, “Aunt Jessie! LOOK!” and held up one of these:


Isn’t that awesome?! Its called Snackeez. Its a reusable cup with a snack cup built in! I’m seriously geeking out over this! I want one SO bad! It’ll totally revolutionize road trips!


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