Try It Tuesday

Tomorrow is the first day of October and fall is in full swing, peeps! And you know what that means: pumpkin flavored novelties are EVERYWHERE! Including my favorite cookies: Oreo.

You know my love for the O-R-E-O is deep. Whenever there is a new flavor, I HAVE to try it. Enter: today’s Try It. And–surprise!–its a twofer!



photo 1





photo 2



I LOVE caramel apples. There’s an AWESOME candy shop that has the most amazing caramel apples. However, those things are loaded with crazy amounts of calories and sugar. So when I saw these at Wally World, I was amped up!

photo 3

This flavor was pretty good! It was a tad on the “too sweet” side, but I still liked it! My sister, however, took one bite and spit it out. She said it tasted like a Jolly Rancher.



This next one was AH-MAY-ZING!

photo 4

This flavor was basically like biting into fall, if fall were a cream-filled cookie. A word of caution, though: I drank a glass of milk with this one and it totally ruined the flavor. But, then I tried it with a cup of coffee and it was the PERFECT pairing!


Oreo, you’ve done it again my friend.

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