Writer Wednesday

Its Writer Wednesday, peeps! Here’s today’s prompt:

writing prompt


It seems as though most break-ups happen before Spring Break and before Christmas. Why? Two reasons: alcohol and money.


Many people (especially those college-aged) break up before Spring Break (“WOOHOO!”) because they want to be free to pursue other people (and by “people” I mean drunk-idiot-Jersey Shore-rejects) while stumbling around Cabo with a Mikes Hard Lemonade in one hand and a Camel Light in the other.


Others end their relationship right before Christmas because they believe if they break-up before Christmas, they can use family obligations as an excuse, when they’re really just scared that they’ll go bankrupt searching for that Michael Kors purse that you “just have to have” or that you’ll break up with them because their gift-giving capabilities were on par with Joey’s ability to speak French.


Here’s my advice: stay home and set the bar low.


You don’t need to go out to have a good time. Stay home, save your money, and stop shaving. Show each other that you care by watching four hours of old Star Trek episodes and listening to books on tape. Don’t worry about giving that “awesome” gift. Buy practical gifts. Yeah, those Louboutins are cute, but where are you going to wear them? You’re not J.Lo. No one is going to photograph you stepping out of your 2001 Ford Taurus at Target wearing those things. You’re not going to find true love in the foam pit at Señor Frogs. But, you might just find it falling asleep with Cheeto dust on their face during a DVR’d episode of The Voice.

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