Mommy Monday

Before I was blessed with Huff the Babe, I held myself to a certain standard. I behaved a certain way in public, making sure that I treated people with the same courtesies that I would like to receive.


I held open doors for the elderly, made sure that my friends and weren’t too raucous in restaurants, and gave people the typical “three feet of personal space”. And if people didn’t do the same for me, I got really, really irritated.




But now that I have my little Gryffindor, things that used to grate on my nerves don’t really bother me as much.



For example, before I gave birth I didn’t care for strangers. I wanted to just go to the store, get my stuff, and get out. No chit-chat, no funny quips.


Now, however, I’ll talk to just about anybody and anyone. Little old lady thinks my baby is cute? By all means, I will thank you graciously and tell you what features she gets from me, all about the 23-hour labor, 2 hours of pushing, and my episiotomy. I’ll also be sure to let you know that my baby is a lot more regular now that we’ve switch to oatmeal cereal instead of rice.


I’m telling you, I have no filter and I have no sense of personal space. A few weeks ago, Huff the Babe and I went out to dinner with my family. I mentioned that Hermione liked shredded cheese, so I reached over and grabbed cheese from my mom’s salad. I didn’t ask, I just reached into her bowl (while she was bringing a forkful of lettuce to her mouth) and gave it to the baby. It wasn’t until about 10 minutes later that I realized my faux pas.



My sense of shame has also crumbled into non-existence. I’ve NEVER sang karaoke and I try not to hum too loud when my favorite Ace of Base song comes on at the grocery store. But when my little girl threw her hands up in the air inside Target and started saying, “Let it go!” how could I resist? I belted out that tune, Elsa-style and dropped the mic. Sure did get some weird glances from shoppers but the smile on her face was #totesworthit.

mic drop

mic drop2




What about you? Have you seen changes in yourself since you’ve had kids? What kind?

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