Mommy Monday

I come from a long line of TV lovers. As a kid, one of the ways we would bond as a family would be to watch Home Improvement, China Beach, or something on ABC’s TGIF. Needless to say, I heart TV.


I used to watch all kinds of shows and would stay up-to-date on all the episodes. I’d chat with friends and coworkers about theories and things I wished the writers would make happen.


Then, I had a kid…and my show-watching changed. A LOT.

Only Doc


Now, instead of humming the theme song to New Girl, I’m sing the opening to Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (won’t you ride along with me; ride along!). Now, instead of talking about what happened on Scandal, I talk about who guest starred on Sesame Street.


But with guest stars like this, can you blame me?

david beckham




I won’t lie though; sometimes the children’s shows are pretty good! I get sucked in and two hours later, I have nothing to show for my life except an indention in my recliner the shape of my butt.




What about you? Have you found yourself watching Mickey Mouse Club House over Game of Thrones? 

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