Try It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, peeps! Christmas is exactly ONE month away and I’ve got an excellent–and inexpensive–gift idea!


I’ve seen this on Pinterest so many times, but I haven’t tried it. Well, today, its happening!


Here’s what you need:



~An empty jar

~Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap®


First, pour sugar into the empty jar until it’s about 3/4 full.




Then, add the soap until its to the bottom of the mouth of the jar.




Stir it up, continually adding sugar until you get a paste-like consistency. You don’t want it to be too runny or else it won’t work as well. Then, voila! you’re done!




I LOVED how my hands smelled (and felt) after using this! This would be a great gift for someone that works out in the garden or even for that man in your life that seems to always have greasy, grimy hands! I want to use it on my feet for an at-home pedicure!



This is definitely a more cost-effective solution to some other scrubs I’ve seen. This entire supply of sugar scrub only cost me $3.28! That’s $13.28 cheaper than Bath and Body Works!

Mommy Monday

Today did not get off to a good start. But before I go into today’s details, let’s get a little back story:

I knew something wasn’t right with Huff the Babe this weekend. She had THREE blowout diapers at my aunt’s house on Friday, two on Saturday, and horrible diaper rash. Poop was the theme of the weekend.


Fast forward to this morning…

If you’ve ever listened to a child over a baby monitor, you know that it sounds super freaky. I’m talking Paranormal Activity meets the little girl from Poltergeist. So when Huff the Babe made a sound that resembled a cat coughing up a hairball while also undergoing an exorcism, Huff the Hubs and I bolted out of bed and rushed to our little one’s room.

After getting her up and changing her diaper, I discovered she spit up in her bed. I stripped her bed and we all laid down in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. An hour later, I decided to take HtB back to her room. I sat with her on my lap, rocking her for a moment before I put her in her crib. Then, the noise she made earlier this morning happened again. And, before I knew it, I was covered in puke.

We cleaned up, soothed HtB, and started to get ready for the day. I didn’t want to give her milk–I’ve heard it makes sick tummies worse–but I remembered I had frozen breastmilk in the freezer. And, I’d always heard that breastmilk was a “cure all”. So, I went for it. Big. Mistake. Not ten minutes after drinking 5 ounces of Mommy’s Milk, it all came back up. All over Mommy. At that point I was like #whatever.



Huff the Babe was a little out of sorts for a while, but, thanks to our incredible pediatrician (and Jell-O…and a 3-hour nap) I think we’re doing MUCH better! Finger’s crossed this girl feels back to normal soon and we have a vomit-free day tomorrow!


Fan Girl Friday

It’s Friday, people! By this time next week we’ll all be waking up from our turkey comas and trying to scrape together bail money for that one aunt who punched a man for the last $1.99 DVD at the Black Friday sale. Ah, family.


But before you get frantic over family and food, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy all the geeky goodness I have to share!


You guys. Are you sitting down? If not, do it now. Are you sitting? Good. Lego recently announced six new sets coming to stores next year and three of them are from two of our favorite fandoms!

Oh yes, you heard that right! The Big Bang Theory AND Doctor Who will be getting their own Lego sets! I am seriously geeking out over here! I have already posted these bad boys on my Christmas 2015 list on Amazon!


Speaking of toys, you know I have a deep love for the girls’ line called GoldieBlox. They encourage young girls to get excited about engineering, physics, and other areas of science. While I sometimes think that their marketing may ruffle a few feathers (shamimg girls for liking princesses is sort of like shaming girls for not liking them, amiright?) I do think that their heart is in the right place by wanting to help the fields of math and science be more than a boys club. Here is their new ad:

What do you think? And if it looks familiar, here’s why.


This has been a great week for movie trailers! Especially from Disney! Check out two, all-new trailers from the House of Mouse:





And speaking of movies, I saw The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 last night and It. Was. AH-MAY-ZING! Seriously. I think this is the BEST one so far! The acting was great, the effects were so superb I fought back tears multiple times, and the sets totally blew what I had pictured out of the water! Even though I’ve read the book three times, my heart pounded, I covered my eyes, and hoped upon hope that things would work out (even though I knew the ending). Plus, J.Law’s rendition of The Hanging Tree was ON. POINT.

Totes MaGoats: A 30 By 30 Update

With only 21 days until my 30th birthday, it’s been hectic around the Huffman Homestead trying to accomplish things on my 30 By 30 list. Last week, though, I accomplished one I didn’t think would happen:


#27: Milk a cow goat.


I had been calling dairies and family-owned farms all over the state for the past three months trying to find a place to milk a cow. Most of them didn’t allow it or their cows weren’t dairy cows. But, thanks to a family friend, I WAS able to milk a goat! This goat had recently had triplets so, even though she wasn’t a dairy goat, her owner was confident that, since she was still producing milk, she could be milked.



So off to the country we went! None of us knew how to milk a goat, so the owners spoke to a family member and taught me how to do it. I was super nervous; I didn’t want to hurt the goat and I also didn’t want to get kicked in the head!


She had to be separated from her little ones for two hours before I milked her because she needed to be “full” before she could be milked. Her owners put her in a metal cage-type thing and showed me what to do. She was a little skittish at first, but once I was able to get milk out, she calmed down. It was like she let out an audible sigh of relief and I thought, “I understand ya, sister!”


I didn’t want to milk her too much–I know how precious that liquid gold can be!–and take it away from her sweet little babies. But I did get quite a bit:



It was so cool to experience that! Being a “city girl”, I haven’t had much experience with things like that, so it was interesting to get to experience even a small piece of farm life.


Plus it was so sweet to see Huff the Babe laugh and call out to the baby goats!


Writer Wednesday

I am so excited about today’s prompt! I was NOT a fan of The Great Gatsby, so when I saw a chance to do a little re-write, I squealed! Especially with a magical twist! Here’s today’s prompt:

writing prompt

He knew Daisy couldn’t—and didn’t love—a brute like Tom Buchanan. He just knew it. If Daisy loved anyone it was him, Jay Gatsby. The last time they were together, he could see it in her eyes.


But would she leave her husband? Of that, he was not so sure. They had a child together, after all. But Jay could be a good father to that little girl, he knew he could. He would show her how a real man was supposed to act. Yes, he could do it. He could be a stepfather.


And, he could be a husband. He could be a good husband, a better husband than Tom Buchanan could ever be!


But how could he make her see that? He could find out the name and address of Tom’s mistresses—he knew there had to be at least one out there. He was certain he heard Nick mention it in passing.


What to do? thought Gatsby, as he paced in his library. What to do?


He walked back and forth, back and forth for nearly an hour. He thought hard. He was sweating, so he took off his jacket.


If only I could make Tom tell her he doesn’t love her; that he wants her to leave and never come back.


He threw his hands up in frustration. If only that were possible! Suddenly, he remembered something. Once, a very long time ago, while he was walking the streets of London looking very forlorn an oddly dressed man with a long, white beard and half moon spectacles came up to him. He hadn’t even heard the man approaching; it was as if he just materialized out of thin air.


“It looks as though you’re in some sort of emotional turmoil, my boy,” the old man said.


“I’m fine,” Jay mumbled, and pushed passed him.


“You do not look it,” the old man replied, following him.


“Look here, sport,” Jay said, an edge to his voice. “I mean no disrespect, but I have no money to give you and I just want to walk in silence, okay?”


“You misunderstand stand me, my boy. I do not wish to take anything from you.”


“Then what do you want?” Jay asked.


“To give you something,” said the man.

“Unless you can give me a fortune, I don’t want it.” Jay turned to leave.


“Ah yes,” the man nodded and stroked his beard. “Yes, I was right. Financial troubles. I could see it in your eyes.”


Jay sighed and turned back to face the man.


“Sadly, I cannot give you a fortune,” the old man said, apologetically. “But I can give you something else.”


“Yeah? What’s that?”


“The ability to walk in someone else’s shoes,” said the man, eyes twinkling as he spoke. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vile. The old man then started to explain what was in the vile. Jay couldn’t remember the name of it now, something “juice”.


The stranger described how to use it and what it would do—by adding the hair of someone into the Juice, and then guzzling it down, you would turn into that person for a full hour. Even a guy’s own mother wouldn’t know the difference between the two! Jay couldn’t believe what he was hearing.


“You’re crazy, old man,” Jay said, shaking his head.


“I am many things, Mr. Gatz, but crazy is not one of them.”


Jay’s ears perked up at the sound of his name. “How do you know my—“


“It is not important, Mr. Gatz,” said the man. “What is important is that you trust me.” The man handed the bottle to Jay.


Gatsby looked down at the bottle in his hand. “Will it really work?” He looked up, but the man had vanished. He could’ve sworn he heard a faint pop! sound down the street.


That happened nearly ten years ago. He didn’t believe the man then, but now, he was so desperate he would try anything.


Gatsby dashed to his cedar chest at the end of his bed. He wrenched it open and started digging through its contents. Old pictures, letters, and books littered the floor until he found was he was looking for, an old blue sweater. He unrolled it carefully and took out the small vile that the old man had given him so many years ago.


He ran to the foyer. Daisy had worn one of Tom’s coats the last time she visited. He hoped it was still hanging in the closet. He threw the door open and found it. He prayed to find one of Tom’s dark black hairs. He searched the collar, the back, until finally he spotted one right on the sleeve. He picked up, uncorked the vile, and dropped in the hair.


Green smoke billowed out of the bottle. Gatsby couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The liquid turned a dark, dank yellow. It smelled putrid.


“This is for you, Daisy,” said Gatsby, holding the bottle up. He closed his eyes and chugged. The liquid burned as it went down his throat and thought he might be sick. He dropped the vile and it shattered into a million tiny pieces on the tiled floor.


Gatsby watched, first horrified and then amazed, as his hands started to change in shape. He ran to a mirror in the hall. His once clean-shaven face was now growing a mustache. His neat, blonde hair turned dark. Suddenly, in a matter of moments, he was not longer staring at Jay Gatsby, but Tom Buchanan.


He knew what he had to do.

Try It Tuesday

There’s been a nip in the air the past several days which means it’s finally time for mugs full of warm, cozy drinks to make our descent into fall and winter a little less chilly.

Mommy Monday

You guys. It snowed this weekend. It freaking snowed. Its not even December yet! What up with that?!

I guess that’s okay, though. Because now its cold enough so that I can legitimately wear one of the many super cute head wraps my mom made me without looking totally out of season. Now that I’m a mom, these things are a LIFESAVER! Why? Because now my hair will look a lot less ratchet than it normally does.

Before Huff the Babe entered our world in all her adorable glory, my hair was the one part of my body I was actually proud of.

She's smiling because she got to wash her hair that morning. (Its like she's mocking me!)

She’s smiling because she got to wash her hair that morning. (Its like she’s mocking me!)


Huff the Hubs LURVED my hair. He would always say (and still does) that he never wants me to cut it. Now, he never sees it because I’m “all about those hats, ’bout those hats”:

Hat=Please don't ask me the last time I washed my hair.

Hat=Please don’t ask me the last time I washed my hair.


I typically get to shower everyday (spare me the gasps of judgement about hygiene; mom’s know that getting a shower everyday is a luxury long since passed) but I maybe get to wash my hair about 3 times a week. My showers are typically rushed because I have be somewhere/have a long list of things to accomplish in the short time before HtB wakes from her nap/I’m so tired I just don’t want to be in the shower longer than I have to.

Thankfully, two amazing products have found their way into my bathroom cabinet as well as heart. Dry shampoo and 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner.

Dry shampoo is seriously a busy mom/woman’s best friend! I didn’t think I would like it; I equated it to putting baby powder in your hair. But this stuff is #legit.

My bestie for the restie.

My bestie for the restie.


After I learned how to do it the right way, dry shampoo and I started a glorious friendship. (Do your homework before you purchase, though. You don’t want to waste ca$h where its not necessary!)


I used to be one of those people that thought, “I’ll never use that.” I didn’t think it was natural. After all, shampoo and conditioner come in two separate bottles. They’re supposed to be separate. Oh, how disillusioned was I. Because now? I. LOVE. 2-in-1.

two in one

Ohhhhh yeaaahhh….

It seriously cuts down on my shower time (especially in the winter because, let’s face it, I’m not wasting time shaving my legs) and the fact that it conditions my hair helps with the whole “winter-has-made-my-hair-super-staticky-and-I-want-to-shave-my-head-because-its-so-frustrating” fiasco we all know and despise.


For reals, though. These products have saved me from just throwing in the towel and getting a “mom ‘do”…like the “Kate Gosselin”:




What about you? Any hair tips you can share with time-pressed mommas? Do you throw on a hat? Use dry shampoo? Don a wig? Share in the comments below!







Fan Girl Friday

Hey you guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys!

Its Friday, people and I cannot believe it! I guess since I took a few days off this week has seemed so incredibly short! I am seriously in disbelief that it’s Friday. But, I’m glad it is! Because that means I can share with you all the fantastically fan-worthy finds I’ve stumbled upon this week!


Did you hear the collective cry of: “Why, GOD?! WHY?!” this week? Every fangirl in the world lamented the fact that everyone’s favorite sexy sleuth is officially off the market. Yep, Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Sophie Hunter. So yes, technically he’s no longer a free man. But, we can still giddy and giggly watching him do some spot on impressions of other celebs:


Speaking of folks across the pond, we have less than TWO months until we return to our beautiful home in the English countryside—Downton Abbey. And, lucky for us, a new trailer has been released!

Oh yeah, I just. Got. CHILLS.


I so jazzed that it is FINALLY getting cold around! Its my favorite season! No, not winter, hoodie season! And what better way to stay warm and cozy than with this adorable hoodie from Think Geek:

Give warm hugs and stay cozy!

Give warm hugs and stay cozy!


My love for Harry Potter runs crazy deep. I mean, my daughter’s name is Hermione for heaven’s sake! But, I may think about the franchise a bit differently had the designs for the creatures and places been a bit…well, darker. Never before seen concept art for the HP films was released this week and, to be honest, they are probably going to haunt my dreams tonight! Just look!

HP Concept Art

“Isn’t my thestral adorbs?”


Dementors: Steal your soul and make you poop your pants.

Dementors: Steal your soul and make you poop your pants.


I didn't think zombies could get any scarier. These Inferi proved me wrong.

I didn’t think zombies could get any scarier. These Inferi proved me wrong.


Click here for more!

Writer Wednesday — Rant Edition

By now you’ve probably seen the video (and the parodies) of the model walking around New York City for 10-hours and receiving a plethora of cat-calls and unwanted attention. If not, here it is:



Many viral videos either make me laugh (like the cat playing piano) or make me roll my eyes (like the “Linda Kid”—I seriously would’ve whooped his backside if I were Linda) but this one actually made me angry.


I was angry because of the parodies making light of the situation*.


I was angry because people (mostly men) were saying that the men cat-calling weren’t “being rude”; many of them were saying complimentary things so the woman in the video had no right to be upset.


True, maybe the cat-calling men didn’t mean anything. But, speaking from experience, as a woman, when you’re whistled at or a man hollers something at you, you have a right to be upset.


Whenever I experienced this, it made me feel dirty. It made me feel like I was just a piece of meat and that I existed just for someone to gawk at. It made me feel violated and, if we’re being honest, it made me feel very unsafe. If that guy clear across the street has the gall to whistle at me and talk about my backside, what else would he do? Would he attack me? Would he try to rob me?


When I was 7 months pregnant—obviously showing—I stopped at a gas station on my way to work to fill up my truck. Three men pulled up at the pump next to mine, piled out of their work truck and leaned up against the pump and stared at me. One whistled through his teeth, another click his tongue and nodded suggestively at me, and the third said, “Ey, Mama!”


I rolled my eyes, put the gas cap back on, and left. I could not believe it! Here I was, clearly carrying a child, wearing my wedding ring, and three—THREE!—men gave me unwanted and uncivilized attention.


So when I saw the video of the woman in NYC, I understood where she was coming from and why she posted the video. Its intrusive, it’s demeaning, and, quite frankly, its annoying. (I really don’t understand the point of cat calling either. What do these men think is going to happen? A girl is going to say, “Oh, I love it when you say ‘Nice butt!’ Let’s make out!”?


I feel like many folks out in the Web-o-sphere tried to place the blame on the woman in the video:


“Well, what was she wearing?”


“Was she ‘asking for it’?”


“Did she say anything back?”


Again, I felt my blood pressure rise. What does it matter what she was wearing? How does one “ask for” harassment? What if she had said something back? Does that change the fact that she’s been bothered non-stop by men on the street?


I sense myself going off on a tangent here, so I’ll stop before I get so riled up that I need to bust out my essential oils to calm me down, LOL. So tell me what you think!



What’s your take? Would you think it would be different if the model were a man instead of a woman? Do you think that cat-calls are harmless or harassment?



























*I won’t lie. I love parodies. However, there are some things that need to be taken seriously. And if you say “Well, you just need to get a sense of humor” then you obviously know NOTHING, John Snow.

Try It Tuesday

Happy Veteran’s Day, everyone!