Try It Tuesday

Even though its been chilly outside, I have been craving cold drinks: snowcones, Boba tea, and frappuccinos. But, Starbucks is super-crazy expensive (and fattening) so I searched the Pinterest-sphere and found a recipe for frappuccinos that won’t bust your wallet or your belt!




Here’s what you need:


~2 tbsp coffee instant granules

~2 tbsp coffee creamer

~1/2 cup milk

~8-10 ice cubes

~Splenda (or your favorite low-cal sweetener) to taste


All you need to do is blend everything together:



And serve:



It was pretty good! I don’t think I needed tablespoons of coffee granules, though. The coffee taste was like a roundhouse kick to the taste buds. Next time, I’ll probably use 1-1 1/2 tablespoons of coffee (and actually remember to add Splenda). I’d REALLY like to get some Peppermint Mocha creamer and add some crushed peppermint to the top! Mmm….

(Also, the entire recipe was only 75 calories! What a deal!)


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