Fan Girl Friday

Its Friday, peeps! And we are in the homestretch in the countdown to Christmas. The big day is in less than TWO weeks! TWO WEEKS!

Do you have your shopping done? No?!

Well, have no fear! I am here to help you find the perfect gift for that special someone on your list!

For the Teacher:

Crayon Cologne. Doesn’t every teacher just love the smells of school? Freshly sharpened pencils, sweaty kids piling in from recess, and ah yes, broken Crayolas!

crayon perfume


This eau de school supplies is only $19.99 from Perpetual Kid! And if this scent doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s others! Lobster, graham crackers, birthday cake, and popcorn just to name a few!


For the Hostess:

Party Plates! Also from PK, these plates are perfect for the friend in your life that just won’t stop throwing parties! “Wanna come celebrate my cat’s bar mitzvah? There’ll be food!”

party plate

The plates come in a variety of colors and sets of 5! They’re perfect for stabilizing food and drink (and it even has a separate area to put moist foods for any OCD party-goers!)


For the Whovian:

Sonic salad forks (and spoons and knives)!

DW cutlery


These awesome cutlery sets from Think Geek would be a great addition to your Whovian pal’s table setting! They’re great for digging into fish fingers and custard!


I’ll have more gift ideas next week, but I’ll end on some movie news! JJ Abrams has FINALLY released the names of his characters (besides the obvious) for Star Wars Episode 7!

star wars names

Here are the names of some of the main characters:


What do you think? Like the names? I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed. Rey and Finn aren’t that..”sci-fi-ish” I was hoping for something along the lines of Lando or Ackbar.

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