Throwback Thursday (Or, R.I.P. to My 90’s Girl Dreams)

This morning, I got some terrible news.

Delia’s is going out of business.


My teenage self was absolutely crushed.


Even though I never was able to order anything from that catalog, I was always super stoked when one would come in the mail.

delias cat


I remember folding down the corners of the things I would order if I had the money (or the teeny, tiny body shape to fit into it, because, let’s face it, those models weren’t real and neither were the sizing charts).





I loved all the dresses, Mary Janes, and peasant tops. I had to have the peace sign mood ring set for me and my besties and there’s no way I could get through junior high without a pair of wide leg jeans and a clear choker.




Plus, if I would’ve shopped through Delias, I could’ve looked like Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You. 



But, alas, I never got the chance to order those “righteous duds” and now I never will. Le sigh. 


Bye, Delias. We’ll miss you. When you get to “Failed Company Heaven“, say hi to ShowBiz Pizza,  KB Toys, and Blockbuster Video for us, okay?

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