Try It Tuesday

Before I even describe today’s Try It to you, I want to preface by saying that this was probably the most frustrating Try It I have ever done. Like, for reals.

A few weeks ago, I was super stoked when I saw a DIY fleece car seat poncho. A mommy friend of mine made one that looked AH-MAZING, so I thought, “Heck yes, let’s do this thing!”

Here’s the original pin:

original pin

This is what you need:

~Two different colors/patterns of fleece

~Tape measure

~ribbon or yarn



First, measure your Little: Start at his or her shoulder down to where you want the poncho to stop. Double that measurement and mark it on the poncho.


Making the poncho pattern: Get your yarn (or ribbon), hold one end of the yarn on the midway point of the fleece, and use the rest of the yarn as a protractor, making dots to mark your circle.

Cut out the circle. Then, lay the circle fleece on top of the non-cut fleece. Using the cut fleece as a pattern, cut the different color fleece.



Grab a piece of paper to make a template for the neck hole. Measure the widest part of your Little’s head and then use that measurement to draw a circle on the paper. Make a smaller circle in the middle of the paper and cut it out. Cut the template out of the paper and lay it down on the fleece. Make dots around the circle on the fleece and mark when the middle hole is.



Cut out the neck hole. Cut the middle of the circle (on the fleece) so that you are able to cut strips to tie the fleece together.



Fold up the fleece (so there’s no fleece tabs hitting your Little in the face) and tie the strips together. I was getting super frustrated with this part. My chubby fingers couldn’t grab the fleece strips and someone decided to plop down and “help Mommy”.



So I enlisted the help of my sister, who so graciously took over at this stage.



When the neck hole is all tied up, cut strips along the edge to tie the fleece together. Then, you’re done!


I tell you what, I don’t know if its because I wasn’t feeling too hot or because the instructions were so odd, but I just did not like doing this. I like how it turned out, but it was not very enjoyable. I’m sure others will have great success and find it fun to do this, but for now, I’m going to go drink my Diet Coke and watch an episode of The Office. 

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