Her’s Day Thursday

The 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the deadliest concentration camp in history, was this week. Because of this historic moment in history, Huff the Hubs and I watched an intriguing documentary on Netflix called The Rape of Europa.  This film focuses not only on the atrocities the Nazis performed against the Jews of Europe, but also to the causalities of war that many don’t think about: the monuments and art that makes a culture what it is.


Which brings us to today’s highlighted woman and another Her’s Day Thursday.

hersday thursday2

During the Second World War, when the Germans occupied France, the Nazis plundered more than 20,000 pieces of art from local artists (mostly Jewish), vintage furniture, and sculptures from around Europe. The Nazis decided to secure their stolen goods at the Jeu de Museum in Paris, France.During this time a woman named Rose Valland worked at the museum.

Rose Valland

Rose had a quiet, meek demeanor and was able to stay on at the museum while the Nazis stole and stored thousands of pieces of art. The Nazis didn’t think anything Rose was much of a threat, however Rose was keeping a very big secret. Unbeknownst to the Third Reich, she spoke and understood German.

nazis stealing art

While Rose watched all of the pieces of art, furniture, and priceless heirlooms come into the museum she was sure to listen to the Nazis and note where each piece came from, as well as the names of its owners. She kept all of the information in the small notebook hidden in her desk at the museum.


Before the liberation of Paris on August 1, 1944, Valland overheard Nazis officers planning to ship out the stolen artifacts in five boxcars. She listened intently to the plan, memorizing the train’s route and the stops it would make. Rose sent word to her contacts in the French Resistance and they were able to prevent the train from leaving Paris, securing the priceless works of art for generations to come!

rose photo

Because of Rose Valland’s work, many paintings, sculptures, and pieces of furniture were returned to their rightful owners after the war. Because of her heroic efforts, Rose was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the United States in 1948, and also received the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Valland is one of the most decorated women in France, but it wasn’t until 1953 that she was finally awarded the title of “curator.”

rose award


Way to go, Rose!

Try It Tuesday

Try It Tuesday Cooking Badge

I have a new crush. He’s hot, he works all day long, and he makes my life so much easier. His name? Crock Pot.

My love for my crock pot runs deep and true. I love being able to just drop some stuff into the CP and not worry a pretty hair on my head about what we’re going to eat for dinner and if I’ll be able to balance a kid on my hip while I sautée. That is why I am loving all the crockin’ recipes on Pinterest; like this one! Its called Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken!

Here’s what you need:


~2-4 chicken breasts

~1 can pineapple (rings, chunks, crushed; it doesn’t matter!)

~2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce

~1 medium onion

~1/2 cup chicken broth


First, chop the onion. This is always the part I hate because my eyes get crazy watery and its just awful. But, I found a way around it:



After you’ve chopped the onion, drop it into the crock pot.



Plop the chicken on top and then pour the remaining ingredients on top.



Cover and cook on low 6-8 hours (or on high for 4-6 hours). Then, serve over rice!



On a scale of 1-10, I’d give this recipe a 5. It was good, it was just…not that flavorful. I think part of the reason for that was because I used low sodium chicken broth. It really needed some salt. Also, the chicken was a tad dry. If I were to make it again, I’d use the entire can of chicken broth (rather than just 1/2 cup) and I might toss in a little BBQ sauce as well.

Have you tried something similar to this? What did you use?


Mommy Monday

mommy monday


Last week, Huff the Hubs and I watched a documentary titled: Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem.

As I watched, I thought, “Holy crap. My child is a honey badger.”



They both leave destruction in their wake:

hb destruction



They eat anything:



hb eating


They exude smells

Honey Badgers actually have a "stink sack", much like skunks!

Honey Badgers actually have a “stink sack”, much like skunks!



And they are super sneaky:

sneaky honey badger

*Not my child. Although, I gotta say, the kid's got good taste!

*Not my child. Although, I gotta say, the kid’s got good taste!


See? What’d I tell ya?


Fan Girl Friday

You guys, today’s Fan Girl Friday is jam-packed with geeky gear sure to set your fangirl heart a-flutterin’!


How cute is this Star Wars-meets-utensils-mug from Perpetual Kid?

spork mug

This would make a great gift for the Jedi in your life and, at $11.99, it won’t break the bank!


Speaking of the greatest trilogy known to man (I refuse to acknowledge Episodes 1-3. They are crap, sir.), make your toast a little more dark (see what I did there?) thanks to Think Geek!

vader toaster

Seriously, how fantabulous is this toaster?! Not only is it shaped like Vader’s helmet, but it actually toasts the words “Star Wars” on your bread (or waffles…or Toaster Strudel®).


Here at THP, we’re all about nerd culture, so when I saw this, I did the flailiest of Kermit arm flails!

geek art book

This book highlights artists and their work in the world of video games, movies, comic books, and television shows! It’s like Nerd-Vana!


I really like Origami Owl. I think that their stuff is super cute, but, I’m bummed that they don’t have nerdy jewelry/charms. Enter Etsy shop WonderlandContraband! Just check out these adorable charms:

Its Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Its Bill Nye the Science Guy!


Sherlock charm

Everyone’s favorite sleuth! (Check out those curls!)


I need to show this shop to Huff the Hubs! V-Day is fast-approaching!


Happy fangirling!

Her’s Day Thursday

Its Thursday and you know what that means:

Her's Day Thursday3


Today’s BAMF of a woman is Katherine Switzer!

What makes Katherine one of the coolest chicks around? I’ll tell you!

Back in 1967, Katherine Switzer was a student at Syracuse University and would workout with the coach of the track team. Every time they ran, the coach would blather on and on about his many times running the Boston Marathon. Finally tiring of her mentor’s same old story, she said, “If I run this thing with you, will you please stop talking about it?”

That year, Katherine entered the Boston Marathon. However, due to the fact that the marathon did not allow women a chance to compete (this was 1967, mind you), Katherine entered under the name “K. V. Switzer”. The day of the race came and Katherine–joined by her coach, Arnie and boyfriend, Tom Miller–was feeling great!

She was making great time. Suddenly, she noticed a truck with the bed full of reporters. They saw her too and shouted, “Its a girl!” Soon, she was surrounded by reporters. This attention soon reached the ears of race official Jock Semple (what a name, huh?) who was also nearby in an officials’ car. When he found her, he flew out of the vehicle and attacked Katherine, shouting, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!”

katherine switzer


Katherine’s BF, Tom, shoved Semple away and Katherine kept running. She finished the race and became the first woman to run the entire Boston Marathon. (Homegirl finished it in 4 hours, 20 minutes!)

Because she ran, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) barred all women from every competition with male runners (for reals…in 1967!) but that just added more fuel to Katherine’s fire.

She and other women runners lobbied for years for the Boston Marathon Association and the AAU to  allow women the chance to compete. Finally, in 1972, women were allowed to enter and run the Boston Marathon.

Katherine Switzer helped spark a social revolution and empowered women everywhere to be strong, be a runner, and have the ability to say, “I am a marathoner!”

Here’s Katherine’s story in her own words:

Writer Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! Grab your pens and paper, peeps! Its Writer Wednesday!

Writer Wednesday2


Here is today’s prompt:




Broke a Bone:

hp broken arm

The summer before my senior year (wait, was it my senior year?) I got into a car accident with my two best friends. I ended up breaking my collarbone which, if you’ve never broken your collarbone, is one of the most painful and annoying bones to break. I didn’t realize it was broken until two days after the accident. I woke up and couldn’t even sit up out of bed. I was lying there, crying, screaming in pain for my mom to come help me out of bed. It. Was. Awful.


A Heart:

breakup gif

I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever “broken a heart”. I mean, I’ve had my heart smashed to bits a few times. Though, I did have a boyfriend (this was not a good relationship) in which I was constantly pushed around and finally I had had enough. I broke up with him in a very Joe Jonas/Taylor Swift way, and he tried to get me to take him back for a few weeks. But, I stayed strong to my decision. And both of our lives are much better because of it.


The Law:


Okay, so, I’ve never really “broken the law”, but I have gotten a few tickets. One that sticks out in my head was one I got a few years ago. I was in a hurry to get back to work (I was on my lunch break) and wasn’t paying attention to anything around me. I was going slightly over the speed limit…in a school zone. A motorcycle cop pulled me over and—thankfully—wrote the ticket without adding I was in a school zone (which saved me $100!).


A Promise:


I don’t know the last time I’ve broken a promise because I don’t normally make promises. I only make promises I know I can keep (i.e., my wedding vows). I did, however, make a promise to myself that I wouldn’t eat candy or “sweet treats” until Sundays during the month of January, and eat well throughout the week. I have already broken this promise about six times. Okay, seven. FINE. Eight.




What about you?

When was the last time you broke a bone? A heart? The law? A promise?

Try It Tuesday

Get your bowls and spoons ready, peeps because I’ve got a delicious dish to share with you today!

Try It Tuesday Cooking Badge 2

Last week when it was super cold (and not the glorious spring weather we’re experiencing today), I was CRAVING soup. I wanted some comfort food, so I consulted–what else–Pinterest! I found an awesome crockpot potato soup recipe from The Country Cook!

Loaded Potato Soup (thecountrycook)



Here’s what you need:


4 pounds potatoes (I used russet), peeled and cubed

1/2 cup onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 stalks celery, finely diced (I actually didn’t use this because I don’t like celery)

2 (14 oz.) cans chicken broth

2 teaspoons salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

2 cups half and half

Garnish with cheese, bacon bits, and/or chives


First, spray your crockpot with cooking spray and toss in your peeled and cubed potatoes and then sprinkle chopped onion, salt, pepper, and garlic on top.




Next pour in the chicken broth, cover, and let it cook for 6-8 hours on low.





Then, mash the potatoes and add in the half and half.



Cover and cook on high for about 20 more minutes.



Once the soup is thoroughly heated, ladle into a bowl, garnish and enjoy!



I liked the soup…I just wish it was a tad bit creamier. I think next time I’ll add a little cream cheese (not super healthy, I know) to add a little somthin’ somethin’!

Fan Girl Friday

Another end to another week. Don’t be sad that 2015 is already starting to whiz by. Get excited! Its Fan Girl Friday! And, it’s a special edition of FGF, dedicated to all things Downtown Abbey!

downton fan girl

DA premiered two weeks ago and I can’t believe this is the first I’m blogging about it! This season has already gotten off to a steamy start what with Jimmy the Footman hooking up with his old employer—a Mrs. Robinson if there ever was one—and Mary traipsing off for a Free Love tour of England with her new lover. And to celebrate al of the scandal season five has to offer, I’ve got the hook up to all of your DA needs!

Signals.com has an unbelievable amount of DA attire sure to fit your fandom fancy! Just check out some of the designs:

Downton Abbey CLothes


frolicker They even have jewelry, bags, and fragrances!

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is also getting on the British bandwagon with an entire line of home décor straight from the Abbey:

DA collection at BBW


And, if you just need MORE Downton (and want to get your littles in on the fun) Arthur will be showing a Downton Abbey-themed episode! Check out the sneak peek!


Happy fangirling!