Fan Girl…Monday…?

Hey Fan Girls and Fan Boys! Sorry I was MIA on Friday. I was hittin’ the snowy slopes of Angel Fire, NM. And by “hittin’ the slopes” I mean “hanging out at the condo because I don’t like skiing.” I missed last week’s Fan Girl Friday, so I thought I’d make it up to you!

Fan Girl Friday Button

I’ve got LOADS of TV and movie news!


First up, the new Fantastic Four movie is here! Have you seen it? If not, don’t worry, boo. I gotchoo.


A couple of weeks ago, a HUGE announcement was made about one of the greatest sci-fi franchises of all time: Ghostbusters! There is going to be a reboot of the original film with an ALL FEMALE CAST! And check out who’s been chosen:


All of these women are absolutely hilarious and I think they will do a great job! What do you think? Like the ladies? Wish someone else was cast?


And speaking of leading ladies, Disney recently named the new Belle for their live-action Beauty and the Beast! And she is {drumroll please}

emma watson

It’s Emma Watson! I. LOVE. THIS. CASTING. This—besides Hermione—is the role she was BORN to play! I am so excited about this!


In small-screen news, everyone’s favorite Doctor will be returning to your television (that is, if you have Netflix).

david tennant bad guy

David Tennant is set to play villain Zebediah Kilgrave in the Netflix series AKA Jessica Jones based on the Marvel comic of the same title. I’ve never read the books, but I will totes be watching this show to get my Tennant fix!


Happy fangirling!

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