Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday, folks! Y’all are getting a double FGF this week (since I accidently skipped last Friday), so bully for you!


Huff the Hubs and I had a pretty geek-tacular wedding. But Josh and Jennifer Busch’s wedding was out of this galaxy!

Star Wars Wedding

The couple LURVE Star Wars and wanted to incorporate their love of the fandom into their nuptials! Look at the detailing on the bride’s belt:

star wars wedding bride belt

Click here for more pics! (Including the ADORABLE flower girls with buns and Leia detailing on their dresses!)


Need a fun-tastic way to decorate your house? Then check out these silly sci-fi inspired bookends!

alien invasion bookends

They depict a War of the Worlds-style alien takeover as well as farm animal abduction! Oh the humanity!


Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s something besides a heart-shaped box of Russel Stover? How about an acreage of land on the FRICKIN’ MOON?!

Land on the moon

Yes, that’s right! You can purchase a plot of land all to yourself on the moon. The gift package comes with Lunar Deed, Custom Printing of Owner’s Name, Lunar Map, Lunar Codes, Covenants and Restrictions, Custom Packaging, and Automatic Acre Registration! (For more geeky gifts, click here!)



I have a severe case of Mommy Brain. I’m talking I’ll say, “I need to do ABC” and then two seconds later think, “Wait, what was I supposed to do?” So when I stumbled across these, I flipped!

wrist notes

These Wrist Notes take the place of To Do Lists (which I lose anyway) and string tied to your finger (do people still do that?). All you have to do is mark your task as Important, Urgent, or Trivial. Then, write a note to yourself on the bracelet, slap it on, complete the task, and then toss when you’re done! Easy peasy!



Found any good fandom finds? Let me know! And follow me on Pinterest!


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