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Mommy Monday2


Huff the Babe has entered an adorable new stage (<– I know it’s difficult to tell when reading a blog, so I’ll just tell you: that was sarcasm). Whenever she gets mad or frustrated, she pulls her hand back a la Black Mamba about to do the “Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique” and swats at something. Its funny when she does it to the water going down the drain or the doormat that tripped her, but when she does it to me? Not so funny anymore.



This is why I’m hesitant to take her to places like the play area at the mall or the McDonald’s Play Place. What if she gets frustrated and hits another kid? How do I handle that? Or worse, what if a kid hits her? How do I handle THAT?

I know how I would want to handle it; I’d probably “go southside” and end up on the news as the crazy mom that told a child she would “snatch you bald-headed if you touch my daughter again”!

A few weeks ago, we went to story time at the library. At the end of the story, the librarian brought out some sensory toys for the kids to play with. Huff the Babe picked up a ball and then another kid walked right up to her and took it out of her hands. HtB started crying of course and I froze.

What do I do?

Do I snatch the ball back from the kid?

Do I tell the kid “that’s not kind” and ask him to return the toy?

Do I find his parent and tell them I’ll pray for them and their heathen child?

Unsure of what was “acceptable”, I quickly picked up a toy that was NOT being played with and gave it to Huff the Babe. She stopped crying instantly (God bless this age and their ability to bounce back quickly) and we moved on…even though I was pissed.



But what do I do when she gets older? Right now, she doesn’t fully understand the concept of sharing but she soon will. I know how I want to parent, but what about the parents out there that don’t share my same thoughts and values? How do I teach my kid how to share, how to “have nice hands”, and that “friends are not for biting” when there’s parents out there that let their children run wild while they’re playing Words with Friends® on their smartphones?

Have you run into a situation like this? How did you handle it? Got any advice?

4 thoughts on “Mommy Monday

  1. When my oldest says, “so and so does it!” I find myself saying, “Well, I’m not so and so’s mother!”, which is a phrase I never thought I’d use. #whenyouopenyourmouthandyourmothercomesout

  2. I did the same thing you did. Just handed them another toy and gave the other kid a “look”! When they got a little bit older I started using those other kids as examples of what NOT to do and how to act. Used something like “remember when that one kid took your toy and you didn’t like it?”. OR whisper “go get it back” then turn your head the other way. haha!
    It’s not easy all the time, especially when hitting or something like that is involved. My “southside” roots come out at that point too.

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