Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday


Since St. Patrick’s Day is next week, I thought I would highlight a lovely lass from the great country of Ireland for today’s HDT! Meet Brigid of Kildare (or Saint Brigid as she’s lovingly known in the Catholic faith):

Brigid of Kildare

There are varying accounts of Saint Brigid’s birth and life, but many line up with the same facts. Brigid was born to an Irish slavewoman and a druid priest. Shortly after she was born, her father had her sent away. When she was around ten years old, her mother died and Brigid returned to her father’s house to take on her mother’s role.


While she was away, Brigid had already performed miracles and given many of her possessions away to the poor. After she returned home, she continued to do the same. She would donate any of her father’s belongings to anyone who asked. Because of this, her father sold her into slavery in service of the king.

brigid's cross

Brigid’s Cross


One day, in the presence of the king, Brigid gave a jeweled sword to a a man begging on the street for help to feed his family. Instead of being enraged, the king recognized Brigid’s holiness and granted her freedom.

She went on to start the first convent in Ireland (with Saint Patrick’s assistance) and perform many miracles. She cured a man of leprosy, healed a physician’s daughters, and even healed a cow that had been milked dry so it could provide milk and sustenance for a town!

st. brigid statue

For more on Saint Brigid, click here!

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