Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday4

Sorry about no post yesterday, folks. Oklahoma decided to kick off spring with tornadoes. So my family and I were hunkered down in the bathroom as an EF1 tornado blew over the top of our home. It may not sound like much, but it ripped apart a school and flipped a semi. I even saw an uprooted tree on the way to the grocery store today! So, yeah, I didn’t have time (or energy or focus) to blog yesterday. But, enough of that. On to today’s kick-a la-day!

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and saw an amazing stream of photos. No, not from the set of the new Star Wars flick, but of a female member of the European Parliament taking her young daughter to work with her. That member is Licia Ronzulli.




A member of the New Forza Italia party, Licia started bringing her daughter, Vittoria, to parliamentarian sessions when she was only 6 weeks old. {Sidebar, how beautiful is that name?!} Ronzulli’s photos of her and her child have brought the question of mandatory paid maternity leave for working mothers back into conversations (one that the U.S. desperately needs to discuss!). 

She is also a member of the Commission of Women Rights and Gender Equality and on the Subcommittee on Human Rights. In 2009, Ronzulli was elected to the position of Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Joint Africa-Caribbean-Pacific-UE Assembly. This group promotes human rights and democracy.

This hard-working momma is definitely an awesome gal in my book!


Do you know of any other women you’d like to see on Her’s Day Thursday? Tell me in the comments below!

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