Writer Wednesday

writer wednesday

It’s the middle of the week and you know what that means: its Writer Wednesday!

Here’s today’s prompt:

Write the opening line of your solo show.
A genie grants you three tiny wishes. What are they?
What the person nearest you at this very second is really thinking about.


Opening line:

“Welcome to an hour and half of your life you will never get back.”


Tiny Wishes:

  1. I magically go back to my best fitness level ever after I give birth.
  2. Every time I go to buy something, I’ll reach in my pocket and pull out the exact amount I need (and I won’t have to be taxed/claim it on my taxes).
  3. The house next door to my sister becomes available and we get to buy it and its move-in ready.


What The Person is Thinking:

“I am so done. I hate this. I don’t want to be doing this. OMG, its only been fifteen minutes?!”  ~ My Sister on The Elliptical


What about you? What would yours be?

Try It Tuesday

try it laundry2

Happy St. Patty’s Day, to ya, boyo!

I really wanted to make an irresistible Irish treat for you today, since its Saint Patrick’s Day and all, but then I saw that Sonic’s shakes are HALF PRICE all day long. And I thought to myself, “Self, you can either spend calories on something YOU make or spend calories on something someone else can make.” So I opted to let Sonic make me a DELISH shake and give you something practical for today’s Try It!

If you’re like me, when you fold a fitted sheet, this happens:



But, thanks to Pinterest, I finally found a way to fold a fitted sheet!

First, lay out your sheet:



If you have small children, this will be no easy feat. But, trust me, its worth it.

Next, bring up the corners to the top corners; like so:


(Apparently Huff the Babe needed to be in every single shot)


Then, tuck the corners that are on top into the corners that are on bottom:




Then, fold it into thirds:



After that, fold into thirds again (although I had to fold mine into thirds-and-a-half, ha!):



And voila! a perfectly folded fitted sheet!


I’ll admit, this was a little time-consuming…and rather difficult with a toddler and dog constantly walking on the sheet, but it was worth it to save some space in our closet.

Have you ever tried this? Do you have a different technique?

Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday Mario Badge


Another end to another week; but praise be that this week didn’t involve snow! WOO! And, lucky for you, it DOES involve a lot of geeky goodies that I have found whilst scouring the interwebs!


Need a quirky addition to your favorite pencil skirt? Then check out these sassy shoes from Mod Cloth!

pencil shoes

Seriously, how cute are these?! These paired with MC’s tote, a black skirt, and cardigan would make you the fanciest word nerd at the ball!


I’m not so much a cat person, however this next find is pretty precious! Evidently, cat cafés are a “thing” in Japan now, but if you can’t save up enough to fly over, try this instead!

paw print stamper

This handy-dandy little brander can leave little paw prints on your food after it’s been heated up! Don’t worry, hair balls aren’t included!


You guys. I know we’re all very excited about seeing the Frozen Fever short before Cinderella this weekend, but hold on to your seats because Disney just confirmed what we’ve all been dreaming about!
frozen 2

The Frozen sequel is officially in the works! WEEEEEE! Disney announced today during their shareholder’s meeting that they are, in fact, in the early stages of writing a script for a sequel to Elsa and Ana’s tale! AND, Star Wars VIII also got a release date: May 26, 2017! Let’s go save our spots in line NOW!


I love coffee. I’ve always loved coffee. I also love quirky foods, so when I saw this, my interest was piqued! KFC just announced that they will be selling edible coffee cups this summer!

edible cup

The only draw back is, they’ll only be available in the UK. Womp, womp. We need to tell our friends across the pond to buy these bad boys up so us ‘Mericans can try them out too!


Happy fangirling!



Got the inside scoop on the going’s-on for a fandom? Tell me in the comments below!

Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday


Since St. Patrick’s Day is next week, I thought I would highlight a lovely lass from the great country of Ireland for today’s HDT! Meet Brigid of Kildare (or Saint Brigid as she’s lovingly known in the Catholic faith):

Brigid of Kildare

There are varying accounts of Saint Brigid’s birth and life, but many line up with the same facts. Brigid was born to an Irish slavewoman and a druid priest. Shortly after she was born, her father had her sent away. When she was around ten years old, her mother died and Brigid returned to her father’s house to take on her mother’s role.


While she was away, Brigid had already performed miracles and given many of her possessions away to the poor. After she returned home, she continued to do the same. She would donate any of her father’s belongings to anyone who asked. Because of this, her father sold her into slavery in service of the king.

brigid's cross

Brigid’s Cross


One day, in the presence of the king, Brigid gave a jeweled sword to a a man begging on the street for help to feed his family. Instead of being enraged, the king recognized Brigid’s holiness and granted her freedom.

She went on to start the first convent in Ireland (with Saint Patrick’s assistance) and perform many miracles. She cured a man of leprosy, healed a physician’s daughters, and even healed a cow that had been milked dry so it could provide milk and sustenance for a town!

st. brigid statue

For more on Saint Brigid, click here!

Try It Tuesday

try it fitness


Normally my Try Its are tasty treats or helpful tips for around the house. Which, are always a lot of fun (I mean, who doesn’t want to try a brownie baked with a chocolate chip cookie crust?!) but, I thought I’d think outside of the box this week!

Fitness is a big part of my life–I’m not trying to be “Mrs. Fitness 2015”, but I like to workout. I typically work out 4-5 times a week, switching up cardio and strength training.

I’m always looking for new routines to keep my regimen fun and fresh. Enter the following video.

This video is LEGIT. Its tough. Don’t believe me? Just watch (<– that’s a pun you’ll get in a second).

My sister and I (and Huff the Hubs) tried this. It was…interesting. There were a few moves I had done before in P90X and Jillian’s 30-Day Shred, but some of the moves were down right HARD!

We were all a little sore the next day, but it was a “good” kind of sore; like you knew it was working because you were sore.

My sister said her new fitness goal is try to do the entire workout without stopping. I think I’ll take that goal on, too!


Have you tried any new workouts? What have you tried? What do you like about it? What do you not like?


Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday2


Huff the Babe has entered an adorable new stage (<– I know it’s difficult to tell when reading a blog, so I’ll just tell you: that was sarcasm). Whenever she gets mad or frustrated, she pulls her hand back a la Black Mamba about to do the “Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique” and swats at something. Its funny when she does it to the water going down the drain or the doormat that tripped her, but when she does it to me? Not so funny anymore.



This is why I’m hesitant to take her to places like the play area at the mall or the McDonald’s Play Place. What if she gets frustrated and hits another kid? How do I handle that? Or worse, what if a kid hits her? How do I handle THAT?

I know how I would want to handle it; I’d probably “go southside” and end up on the news as the crazy mom that told a child she would “snatch you bald-headed if you touch my daughter again”!

A few weeks ago, we went to story time at the library. At the end of the story, the librarian brought out some sensory toys for the kids to play with. Huff the Babe picked up a ball and then another kid walked right up to her and took it out of her hands. HtB started crying of course and I froze.

What do I do?

Do I snatch the ball back from the kid?

Do I tell the kid “that’s not kind” and ask him to return the toy?

Do I find his parent and tell them I’ll pray for them and their heathen child?

Unsure of what was “acceptable”, I quickly picked up a toy that was NOT being played with and gave it to Huff the Babe. She stopped crying instantly (God bless this age and their ability to bounce back quickly) and we moved on…even though I was pissed.



But what do I do when she gets older? Right now, she doesn’t fully understand the concept of sharing but she soon will. I know how I want to parent, but what about the parents out there that don’t share my same thoughts and values? How do I teach my kid how to share, how to “have nice hands”, and that “friends are not for biting” when there’s parents out there that let their children run wild while they’re playing Words with Friends® on their smartphones?

Have you run into a situation like this? How did you handle it? Got any advice?