Fan Girl Friday

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Another end to another week; but praise be that this week didn’t involve snow! WOO! And, lucky for you, it DOES involve a lot of geeky goodies that I have found whilst scouring the interwebs!


Need a quirky addition to your favorite pencil skirt? Then check out these sassy shoes from Mod Cloth!

pencil shoes

Seriously, how cute are these?! These paired with MC’s tote, a black skirt, and cardigan would make you the fanciest word nerd at the ball!


I’m not so much a cat person, however this next find is pretty precious! Evidently, cat cafés are a “thing” in Japan now, but if you can’t save up enough to fly over, try this instead!

paw print stamper

This handy-dandy little brander can leave little paw prints on your food after it’s been heated up! Don’t worry, hair balls aren’t included!


You guys. I know we’re all very excited about seeing the Frozen Fever short before Cinderella this weekend, but hold on to your seats because Disney just confirmed what we’ve all been dreaming about!
frozen 2

The Frozen sequel is officially in the works! WEEEEEE! Disney announced today during their shareholder’s meeting that they are, in fact, in the early stages of writing a script for a sequel to Elsa and Ana’s tale! AND, Star Wars VIII also got a release date: May 26, 2017! Let’s go save our spots in line NOW!


I love coffee. I’ve always loved coffee. I also love quirky foods, so when I saw this, my interest was piqued! KFC just announced that they will be selling edible coffee cups this summer!

edible cup

The only draw back is, they’ll only be available in the UK. Womp, womp. We need to tell our friends across the pond to buy these bad boys up so us ‘Mericans can try them out too!


Happy fangirling!



Got the inside scoop on the going’s-on for a fandom? Tell me in the comments below!

Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday


Since St. Patrick’s Day is next week, I thought I would highlight a lovely lass from the great country of Ireland for today’s HDT! Meet Brigid of Kildare (or Saint Brigid as she’s lovingly known in the Catholic faith):

Brigid of Kildare

There are varying accounts of Saint Brigid’s birth and life, but many line up with the same facts. Brigid was born to an Irish slavewoman and a druid priest. Shortly after she was born, her father had her sent away. When she was around ten years old, her mother died and Brigid returned to her father’s house to take on her mother’s role.


While she was away, Brigid had already performed miracles and given many of her possessions away to the poor. After she returned home, she continued to do the same. She would donate any of her father’s belongings to anyone who asked. Because of this, her father sold her into slavery in service of the king.

brigid's cross

Brigid’s Cross


One day, in the presence of the king, Brigid gave a jeweled sword to a a man begging on the street for help to feed his family. Instead of being enraged, the king recognized Brigid’s holiness and granted her freedom.

She went on to start the first convent in Ireland (with Saint Patrick’s assistance) and perform many miracles. She cured a man of leprosy, healed a physician’s daughters, and even healed a cow that had been milked dry so it could provide milk and sustenance for a town!

st. brigid statue

For more on Saint Brigid, click here!

Try It Tuesday

try it fitness


Normally my Try Its are tasty treats or helpful tips for around the house. Which, are always a lot of fun (I mean, who doesn’t want to try a brownie baked with a chocolate chip cookie crust?!) but, I thought I’d think outside of the box this week!

Fitness is a big part of my life–I’m not trying to be “Mrs. Fitness 2015”, but I like to workout. I typically work out 4-5 times a week, switching up cardio and strength training.

I’m always looking for new routines to keep my regimen fun and fresh. Enter the following video.

This video is LEGIT. Its tough. Don’t believe me? Just watch (<– that’s a pun you’ll get in a second).

My sister and I (and Huff the Hubs) tried this. It was…interesting. There were a few moves I had done before in P90X and Jillian’s 30-Day Shred, but some of the moves were down right HARD!

We were all a little sore the next day, but it was a “good” kind of sore; like you knew it was working because you were sore.

My sister said her new fitness goal is try to do the entire workout without stopping. I think I’ll take that goal on, too!


Have you tried any new workouts? What have you tried? What do you like about it? What do you not like?


Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday2


Huff the Babe has entered an adorable new stage (<– I know it’s difficult to tell when reading a blog, so I’ll just tell you: that was sarcasm). Whenever she gets mad or frustrated, she pulls her hand back a la Black Mamba about to do the “Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique” and swats at something. Its funny when she does it to the water going down the drain or the doormat that tripped her, but when she does it to me? Not so funny anymore.



This is why I’m hesitant to take her to places like the play area at the mall or the McDonald’s Play Place. What if she gets frustrated and hits another kid? How do I handle that? Or worse, what if a kid hits her? How do I handle THAT?

I know how I would want to handle it; I’d probably “go southside” and end up on the news as the crazy mom that told a child she would “snatch you bald-headed if you touch my daughter again”!

A few weeks ago, we went to story time at the library. At the end of the story, the librarian brought out some sensory toys for the kids to play with. Huff the Babe picked up a ball and then another kid walked right up to her and took it out of her hands. HtB started crying of course and I froze.

What do I do?

Do I snatch the ball back from the kid?

Do I tell the kid “that’s not kind” and ask him to return the toy?

Do I find his parent and tell them I’ll pray for them and their heathen child?

Unsure of what was “acceptable”, I quickly picked up a toy that was NOT being played with and gave it to Huff the Babe. She stopped crying instantly (God bless this age and their ability to bounce back quickly) and we moved on…even though I was pissed.



But what do I do when she gets older? Right now, she doesn’t fully understand the concept of sharing but she soon will. I know how I want to parent, but what about the parents out there that don’t share my same thoughts and values? How do I teach my kid how to share, how to “have nice hands”, and that “friends are not for biting” when there’s parents out there that let their children run wild while they’re playing Words with Friends® on their smartphones?

Have you run into a situation like this? How did you handle it? Got any advice?

Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday Button

Happy Friday, fangirls (and fanboys)! I’ve got a collection of geeky goodies that is sure to make your weekend great—even though we have to spring forward. Womp, womp.


You guys know that I went through a HUGE nail art phase. I have since put my polish away (having a kid and zero time on your hands will do that to ya) but after seeing these, I may need to rethink my bare nails:

freaks and geeks nails

It’s the cast of the cult classic, Freaks and Geeks! Aren’t these AWESOME?!


Between my sister and I, there are probably about 75 mugs in the kitchen cabinets. I don’t necessarily need any more…but I would love to invest in this one from Etsy store, DareWare!

silence mug

This shop has a TON of Doctor Who-themed accessories and toys! Check it out!


Huff the Hubs’ new favorite animated movie, Big Hero 6 just came out on DVD! I may need to get him this little cutie for his desk!

baymax vinyl pop

As if Baymax could get any cuter, Vinyl Pop comes out with this figurine! (He may be cuter than the Adipose one!)


I told you a few weeks ago that Emma Watson is going to playing Belle in Disney’s live-action feature of Beauty and the Beast. Well now, we have our Beast!

dan stevens as the beast

That’s right; the late husband of Mary Crawley is leaving Britain for provincial France! AND! We have our Gaston!


Old Man Winter seems to be moving out of the Sooner State this weekend. Its going to be the perfect weather to go read outside, Rory Gilmore-style. And what better way to tote your books than with this beautiful book bag (see what I did there?).

messenger book bag

This messenger-style bag is big enough to hold at least four books AND your laptop!


Happy Fangirling!

Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday2

Today’s magnificent momma is Elizabeth Blackwell!

elizabeth blackwell3

Elizabeth Blackwell was born in Gloucestershire, England in 1821. Her father, a sugar refiner, believed that all of his children—including his daughters—should be educated and have the same opportunities as anyone else. This is why Mr. Blackwell not only hired a governess for his children, but also private tutors to ensure a quality education.

When she was 11, Elizabeth and her family moved to America. When they arrived, they were all deeply moved by the struggles of slaves and worked hard to help abolish slavery. When Elizabeth’s father died in 1838, Elizabeth and her sisters started a school for young women to help bring in money for the family.

elizabeth blackwell young

Elizabeth continued to teach and fight against slavery. In 1845, she was visiting a friend who was dying from a horribly painful disease (most likely uterine cancer). Her friend told her she wished she was being treated by a female physician because she would be more understanding and possibly have a more comforting bedside manner. This got Elizabeth thinking about a career in medicine.

With the help of a reverend friend (who was a physician before he entered the clergy) she studied anatomy. She reached out to colleges all over the world but faced rejection at every turn. Most of the rejections cited that she: “was a woman and therefore intellectually inferior”, and she “might actually prove equal to the task, prove to be competition, and that could not expect them to ‘furnish [her] with a stick to break our heads with”.

elizabeth blackwell

In 1847, Elizabeth was accepted to Hobart College in New York. Two years later, she became the first woman to receive a medical degree. She faced adversity and prejudice every where she went. However, she did not let it deter her. She found other young women under her wing who had a dream to practice medicine. When the Civil War broke out, Elizabeth and her sisters trained nurses and opened infirmaries.

blackwell marker

She worked tirelessly the rest of her life for social and political reform, and even opened the London School of Medicine for Women in 1874. For more information about the BAMF Elizabeth Blackwell, click here!

elizabeth blackwell

Writer Wednesday

writer wednesday


Hey fellow writers! Here’s today’s prompt:

We all have junk. What is in your fridge that you never use but can’t throw out?
What item of clothing in your closet do you never wear but cannot bring yourself to throw away?
What’s in your attic that you can’t get rid of?


I don’t know why, but this little guy has been in every fridge in every place I’ve ever lived. I don’t use it. I don’t see anyone use it. But, somehow, there’s always a teensy bit missing. Its never full. But I can’t seem to throw it away!




I typically do a purge of my closet about every 4-6 months. My rule is: if I can’t remember the last time I wore this, I have to give it up. But…there is a shirt that I will NEVER, EVER give up, for three reasons: it was my dad’s, it has Bruce Freaking Springsteen on the front, and the copyright says 1984 (i.e., the year I was born; its as old as me!):



One of my goals for 2015 was to get rid of a bunch of crap I have stored at my parents’ house. (I mostly made this goal because I didn’t want to bring any junk into our new house–that we have yet to buy.) I threw away three giant plastic storage tubs FULL of old papers, notes, toys, and awards. There was one book though, I couldn’t bring myself to part with:



What about you? What’s made a permanent home in your fridge? Got a pair of pants you just can’t part with? Is there a box of old newspapers in your attic just asking to be throw away?

Try It Tuesday

Try It Tuesday Cooking Badge 2

At the Huffman Homestead, our dinners typically involve the same ingredient: chicken. We like it because it’s a great lean protein, but we tend to get in a rut with our dinners. So I’ve been scouring Pinterest to find a yummy new chicken dinner. When I saw a recipe titled, “The World’s Best Chicken” I had to try it!

try it original


Here’s what you need:


~4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

~1/2 cup Dijon mustard (I used Grey Poupon)

~1/4 cup syrup

~1 tablespoon red wine vinegar





(I actually used two chicken breasts because it was just Huff the Hubs and myself, so I ended up halving the recipe, but I’ll pretend like I did it as the recipe shows!)


Preheat your oven to 425*. Whisk the mustard, syrup, and vinegar in a small bowl.






Spray a small casserole dish with cooking spray and drop your chicken in. Generously shake salt and pepper on top of the chicken.



Pour the mustard/syrup mixture on top of the chicken and sprinkle with some more salt and pepper and pop into the oven for 30-40 minutes.




Then, serve with your favorite sides!



I actually REALLY liked this! So did HtH! The chicken was really juicy and the flavor was delish! Have you ever tried a recipe like this?

Mommy Monday

mommy monday


When I used to read Cosmo (like, when I had actual time to read and I needed tips on how to look “hot on a budget”—seriously, who has time for THAT?) and other magazines, I loved seeing the “What’s In My Bag” page. Typically, they’d have a celebrity share what they carried around in their hella-expensive designer purses. They almost always had the same thing: expensive perfumes you’d see in department stores, $20 lip balms, hair products that were featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes, and wads of cash.

As I was cleaning out my purse (a weekly ritual I reserve for Sunday afternoons, I started to giggle, thinking about all of the things in my bag and how ridiculous it would look in a glossy magazine, compared to what’s in Beyonce’s Michael Kors tote or Kim Kardashian’s Hermes Birkin Bag.

So here’s what’s in MY bag:



  1. Star Wars bag from Think Geek
  2. Coupon holder, organized by aisle at my fave grocery store!
  3. A fan for those “I’m-in-my-thirties-why-am-I-having-hot-flashes?!” moments.
  4. Old receipts that I haven’t thrown out yet. Mostly from Target. Because, Dollar Spot.
  5. An old, dirty bib that has been in my purse for who knows how long.
  6. through 22. : My new Harry Potter wallet, multi-use tool, notepad and pens (I HAVE to write things down or make lists because I have horrible Mommy-Brain), an empty cup from a free sample I got last week at Wal-Mart, hair clip and hair tie (because a mommy of a little one can’t wear her hair down unless she wants bald spots), hand sanitizing gel (in “Stress Relief”; because, children), iPhone car charger adapter, headphones, Mace (which I got after the break-in), Aveeno hand lotion (my hands are crazy-dry because I wash them 20 times a day), EOS lip balm (seriously, the BEST ever), a Little People figurine (because, children), my Loretta Lynn pill box my mom got me in Tennessee, a Harley Quinn compact mirror, and sunglasses (from the Dollar Spot at Target; seriously, there’s point in paying #15 for shades when your child pulls them off your face. Plus, I lose sunglasses like ten times a day).

What’s in YOUR bag? Do you even carry a purse or do you shove everything in your pockets? Or maybe you use your kid’s diaper bag as a purse? Share in the comments below!