Mommy Monday

mommy monday


Before you become a mom, you see all of the shiny, pretty things in the aisles of Target, WalMart, and Babies R Us and think, “Oh wow! Look at all the stuff I need!” Then, when you actually have a kid, you realize you don’t need half that crap.


There are a lot of women in my news feed on Facebook that have announced their first pregnancies. And, as a public service announcement, I want to share with all of them (and you) the stuff you don’t need when you have a kid.


  1. Wipe Warmer

wiper warmer

Who really uses this? You pop the wipes in there, thinking that it’ll keep those things nice and toasty for your little one’s bum, only to realize that in the short trip those wipes take from the warmer to your kid’s derrière, they’re already freezing cold. Save your money and go get a pedicure instead.


  1. Pacifier Wipes

pacifier wipes

Baby wipes work just as well. So does hot water. Also, and I can’t tell you how I know this, but your own saliva is A-OK.


  1. NoseFrida Snot Sucker

nose frida

I just…I can’t.


  1. Baby Bangs

baby bangs

This is wrong on so many levels. Plus it makes me think of this sketch on SNL.


  1. Bathroom Baby Keeper

baby bathroom keeper

I think part of motherhood is learning to improvise. I can know unbutton my pants, pull them down, do my business, and unbutton/zip them back with one hand while my child is on my lap. THAT, my friends, is talent. (Maybe I should try out for America’s Got Talent…?) And this just takes all the creativity out of baby-balancing.


Do you have any tips for new mommas on what not to buy? What about your favorite products? Tips? Tell me in the comments below!

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