Writer Wednesday

writer wednesday

Hey guys! Here is today’s prompt:

Give us the first sentence of these stories:

1. You’re walking down a quiet street and you notice a body lying in the gutter. You don’t know if the person is dead or alive.

2. You come across that same motionless body—and you notice a wallet sticking out from under it.

3. Now it’s a gun sticking out.


1. I picked up a stick and poked him, careful not to damage his Uncle Sam costume.


2. I gently pulled the wallet out from under him and took out the license, careful to not get blood on my hands.


3. I screamed, grabbed my phone, and dialed 911 while shouting, “The naked man is armed!”.


What would your sentences be? Got a prompt you’d like to see used on WW? Share in the comments below!

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