Fan Girl Friday

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I’m shaking things up this Fan Girl Friday and bringing you fabulous finds for Fido! That’s right, whether you think man’s best friend barks or meows, I’ve got a treat for your four-legged pal!


Help your furry friend differentiate between what’s on the menu with this hilarious bowl mat from Perpetual Kid!

dog mat

I don’t know about your dog, but at our house, Pinny Lane has her own couch. Sure, other people are welcome to sit on it, but is covered in her fur and if you so much as think about popping a squat, you’d better be ready to scratch behind some ears and pat a belly for hours! I’m thinking the little pinscher needs this:

dog pillow

Let everyone know that, like Sheldon, your dog’s spot is taken!


I’m not much of a cat person, but I am LOVING this litter box and scratching post made by Tim Baker and his team over at Superfan Builds constructed these AH-MAY-ZING pieces for a Lord of the Rings fan and his two cats, Sam and Frodo!

LOTR litter box and Sauron scratching post

Click here to watch the reveal video! Its awesome!


Though I’m not the biggest fan of cats, I’m a big fan of cat videos where they flip out because of a laser pointer or go bat-crap crazy for catnip. So please, faithful followers, someone buy this for your cat and send me a video!

From ThinkGeek, these bubbles are infused with catnip! Play time just got more fun!


Now, I don’t want to leave out those in the blog-o-sphere that don’t have a cat or dog, but opt for a more petite pal, check out this critter cruiser from!

critter cruise

Your hamster will be riding with more swag than those Kia wannabes.




Got a pet product you love? Tell me in the comments below!

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