Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday2


Before you become a parent, you may have your own “catchphrases” that you’re know for. Barney Stinson’s was “Suit up!”, Joey Tribiani’s was “How you doin’?”, and Michael Scott’s was “That’s what she said.”

I’ve been know to say all of those, and more. But, now that I have a child, my “catchphrases” are a little different. They sound more like this:

Get your hands out of your diaper!

Stop licking the door!

shaking head gif

Quit drinking the dog’s water!

Stop touching your pee-pee!

shaking head no

We do not play with poop!

The car seat is not going to eat you. Sit down! (This is a recent development. Evidently, Huff the Babe thinks that the carseat and highchairs are out to devour her. She thrashes and screams while I try to maintain my cool…)


Please don’t kick Mommy’s boobies while I’m trying to change your diaper. 

Don’t wipe your snot all over your face! 

When is your father getting home?!

crying gif



What are your “mommy phrases”? Share them in the comments below!

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