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This past Christmas, my MIL got me some awesome Doctor Who Jamberry’s. (In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two years, Jamberry’s are fingernail wraps with cute designs that basically take the tedium out of nail art –and, since I have a kid now, I have ZERO time to spend on my once beloved hobby, so these things are basically made for me). I had been waiting for the best time to try the Jamberry wraps I got, and this weekend my lovely MIL helped me put them on and I thought I would share my experience with you, lovely readers!

Here’s what you need:


~Nail wraps

~Cuticle pusher-thingy (that’s the technical term by the way)

~Nail file

~Alcohol wipe

~Nail clippers (not pictured)

~Hair dryer (also, not pictured; my bad)

First, you need to prep your hands/nails. Wash your hands with dish soap (this helps get oils off of your hands and nails) and dry. Then, wipe an alcohol wipe on every nail to remove excess oils. After that, gently push your cuticles with the pusher-thingy.

Next, pick out which wrap you want to use on which fingernail. Its important to choose a wrap that doesn’t cover your cuticles. Pick one that leaves a little bit of nail exposed. Then, carefully remove and trim the wrap. (Note: Its best to use tweezers to pick up your wraps so you don’t run into problems with the wraps sticking to themselves.)



After you’ve removed your wrap from the plastic, hold it over your hairdryer until it starts to curl (my MIL had the handy-dandy Jamberry dryer, so we used that). Then, place the wrap on your nail.



Once you’ve got the wrap on your nail, press the wrap onto your nail starting in the middle and working your way out. Be sure to smash all bubbles or else the wraps will catch on your clothes, hair, or your kid (ha!).



Clip the excess wrap from your nail. You can also file it down, but sometimes that doesn’t give the best results. I found that by placing the wrap on your nail and then clipping the wrap and nail, you get a more finished look and the wraps stay on better.

Repeat these steps for all the nails until you have ten perfectly manicured nerd nails:



I will say that the first time you do these, its a little tedious. I am a natural shaky person (and so is my MIL) so we both were getting a little frustrated and frazzled because we felt like we couldn’t get the wraps on straight. But I really liked how they turned out! I think the more you use them, the easier they get.


Have you ever tried Jamberry’s (or something comparable)? Did you like them? Did you do anything differently? Share in the comments below!


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