Her’s Day Thursday

Her's Day Thursday3

Hello, all! I recently read an article about an amazing woman who almost left this earth without her amazing story told! I want everyone to know about this kick-a lady!


Sigrid Green, born December 3, 1920 in Darwen, Lancashire, England, joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force in 1942. Her mother was Norwegian so Sigrid spoke and understood {INSERT}. With the WAAF found out, they dispatched her to German-occupied Norway. She travelled there in a submarine (she was too scared to fly) and, because women were not allowed on subs, pretended to be a man.


Her task was to report information about a heavy water factory under construction by the Germans for energy purposes. Because of her, the Allies were able to launch a sabotage attack by the “Heroes of Telemark”. When her mission was completed, she walked all the way from Norway to Sweden when she escaped in the empty bomb bay of an aircraft.


Sigrid’s service did not stop there. She continued in the war effort at *Bletchley Park where the Nazi’s codes were broken with the help of Enigma machines. Sigrid listened to Morse code from the German High Command for almost 15 hours at a time!

Even though Sigrid’s work was vital to the war effort, she kept her part in it hidden for many years. It wasn’t until a year before her death in 2011 that she broke her silence. She said in an interview, “It was a horrible time and I don’t enjoy thinking about it. I had kept quiet, but I spoke out because I watched a programme on television about a girl who worked as an agent in Belgium.”


A year before her death, Sigrid was finally recognized and given a commendation for her service. She received the Bletchley Park Badge and The Freedom of Bletchley Park honor. Sigrid Green truly was a tough lady with an even tougher job.




(*Sidebar: There’s a British television show called The Bletchley Circle all about the women code breakers! Check it out on Netflix!)


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