Fan Girl Friday

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Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttt’sssssssssssssssssssss Friday! Time to throw on comfy pants and binge-watch those shows that have been on your Netflix list for months and bring on the weekend, people! I’ve got what you need to make your fangirl (or fanboy) heart full of end-of-the-week-geeky glee!


I recently cleaned out my closet and realized that 80% of my closet is full of fandom-related shirts. And do I care? Nope! Because they’re awesome. And, by the looks of a new website I found, I’m thinking its going to move to a full 100%!

fandom gear

This site, Look Human, is AWESOME! They have TONS of fandom gear for whatever you’re into: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, gaming; they’ve got it all!



The Incredibles sequel is happening! I know, I know, try to remain calm. I mean, this is only something we’ve been waiting for for over the past ELEVEN years! (*SQUEAL*)

Incredibles 2

During an interview with IGN, director Brad Bird discussed his approach to the movie: “A lot of superhero films have been made since ‘Incredibles’ and it is kind of like an athletic field that’s just kind of dried up dirt now, with a few clumps of grass…I love those characters in ‘Incredibles’, but I’m also a moviegoer and I want to be surprised by movies. I want them to zig when they should be zagging. That’s the goal with that one.”



From now until June 14th, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going galactic! That’s right, padawan, they are bringing the world of Star Wars to the House of Mouse with themed food, drinks, and lots more! They’ve even converted their quick-service restaurant—Backlot Express—to a cantina-themed chow house called The Rebel Hangar!

Star Wars Restaurant

The menu looks amazing with items such as: Chips and Sith, The Dark Fried, Pilot’s Pomme Frites, and a beverage called The Rebel Red!



Am I the only one that is totally geeking out about Jurassic World hitting the theaters in less than two weeks?! I remember being a kid, totally being obsessed with dinos, and then seeing Jurassic Park. I flipped my third-grade lid. Well, get ready to flip your adult lid’s folks, because Lego teamed up with JW to bring us this beauty:

Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday4

Earlier this week, I opened my browser and saw the CUTEST Google Doodle:

sall ride


The doodle was for Sally Ride‘s birthday and I thought, “Hey! Now I have my Her’s Day Thursday lady!”

Sally Kristen Ride was was born on May 26, 1951 in Los Angeles, CA to a women’s correctional facility counselor and a political science professor. Sally always had a heart for science and earned her bachelor’s degree (and later her master’s and Ph.D.) in English and Physics.

In 1978, Sally saw an advertisement in the Stanford school newspaper seeking people for the space program. Sally was one of 8,000 applicants and was chosen to join NASA as an astronaut.


Being the first female astronaut, Sally faced a lot of scrutiny. During a press conference before her first space flight in 1983, Ride was asked, “Do you weep when things go wrong on the job?” (Really? Really?) But Sally faced it with grace. She went on to totally rock her position aboard the Challenger and became the first American woman in space, the first woman to use the robot arm in space, AND the first woman to use the robot arm to retrieve a satellite! (Take that, Howard Wolowitz!)


Before her third mission, tragedy struck close to Ride. The Challenger exploded shortly after takeoff in 1986. After that, Ride was stationed in Washington D.C., and appointed to a presidential committee that investigated the disaster. Ride went on to found NASA’s Office of Exploration.


In 2003, Sally founded Sally Ride Science, an organization that produces science entertainment and publications to help get middle and high school students (especially girls) excited about science!

Sadly, Sally passed in 2012, less than two years after receiving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Though she is gone, her legacy will live on and inspire young girls to believe in their dreams and keep shooting for the stars!



Writer Wednesday

Writer Wednesday

Hey guys! This morning, I realized something. I have not posted any of my YA novel–that I’ve been desperately searching for a literary agent to fall in love with and decide to publish–since August 2013! That’s just craziness!

I posted the first chapter back then (if you haven’t read it, click here!) and I decided I was going to share Chapter Two with you right now! (This way you can see what a totally awesome book it is and reblog/re-tweet/re-Facebook this so it can go viral or whatever it is that you kids do these days. I promise to thank you in my memoirs!)

Here is Chapter Two of Couture in the Cornfields:

Chapter Two

The sun had not yet fully risen but Morgan was already awake, gazing at her closet door. Hanging there was the most beautiful piece of clothing she owned—her prom dress.

Now, this was no ordinary prom dress. To Morgan, this dress would be the shining seal on her glittering legacy as fashion icon at Elliot Reeves School for the Elite. Morgan always wore the latest fashions and set the trend in her school. She had been voted Best Dressed in the high school yearbook for five years! She was placed as an honorary winner her eighth grade year!

Morgan was a VIP among Fashion Week attendees and worked hard to never be outshined by anyone. She had Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, and Valentino all on speed dial and had a seamstress on 24-hour notice for those dire fashion emergencies.

Morgan’s reign as “Queen Fashonista” was once in trouble when, in ninth grade, Cassie Adams had stolen Morgan’s top secret design for her gown to the Winter Festival Fiesta! Morgan leapt into action, quickly designing a new, original gown. One quick call to Paris, two jets, and one steamboat later: Morgan walked in victorious and gorgeous to her first high school dance.

For Senior Prom, Morgan had taken extra precautions to ensure her dress would be one-of-a-kind and completely confidential. The Millers sent Morgan and Rosa all over the world researching the newest and hottest names in couture. After an entire summer of searching, Morgan decided to enlist the talented Rafael Barino.

Rafael was an eclectic designer from Italy and had a knack for knowing the trends before they happened. He’s the one who coined the phrase: “Pink is the new black.”

Rafael was flown to New York on many occasions to meet with Morgan and design her dress. After months of planning, sleepless nights flipping through fabric swatches, and two tearful phone calls (from Rafael to his mother in Rome), the gown was finished. The Morgan Miller and Rafael Barino masterpiece was hanging like a shrine in Morgan’s bedroom.

She watched gleefully from the comfort of her silk sheets as little flecks of the morning sun glimmered off the genuine Swarovski crystals intricately placed on the bodice. She closed her eyes and dreamed about prom.

She hummed to herself and pictured walking into the room: the double-doors burst open! Everyone stops and stares. Suddenly, applause breaks out and two guys pick Morgan up and carry her on their shoulders! She waves, blows kisses, and catches flowers in the air! A crown falls from the heavens and lands softly on her perfectly coiffed hair. The room cheers: “Morgan! Morgan! Morgan! Morgan!”


She was jerked back to her bedroom by the sound of her nanny’s voice. Opening her eyes, Morgan saw Rosa, leaning over the bed, scowling.

“Mees Morgan!” Rosa yelled in her thick, Cuban accent. “You are being so lazy! You must get up! NOW!” Rosa quickly trotted to the bathroom door and Morgan heard her turn on the shower.

“Oh, Rosa,” Morgan sighed. “Tonight is going to be the best night of my life!” She skipped around the room, staring dreamily at her gown.

Rosa snorted and threw open the curtains.

“Aw, Rosa, you don’t think I’ll have fun?” Morgan asked playfully.

“I think you are too young to be wearing dresses that show your chi-chi’s and riding in the limousines with boys!”

Morgan sighed, “Oh, come on! You’re not going to get all Mary Poppins on me, are you?”

“I don’ know this Maria Pop-eens, but if she keep her chil’ at home, then she is a sain’!”

Morgan grinned and grabbed her nanny’s arms. She twirled the round woman around as best she could; Rosa was shaped like a square. Rosa squealed, “Dios mio!”

“See, Rosa! Isn’t this fun?” Morgan giggled as she grabbed Rosa’s hips, trying to shake them.

“No!” the nanny cried. “I am not J.Lo!”

Rosa stamped her foot and released herself from Morgan’s grip. She put a chubby finger in Morgan’s face.

“And you tell Meester Trent to keep his hands off your hips tonight, mija!”

Morgan flinched slightly at the sound of her date’s name. Trent Wellington was very handsome and very popular, but Morgan thought Trent was a little…dumb. He had played football since the sixth grade and Morgan seemed to think that maybe he had received a few too many tackles without a helmet.

“You don’ like Meester Trent?” Rosie asked, seeing Morgan’s reaction.

“Oh, its not that, Rosa… It’s just…” Morgan stopped herself and changed the direction of the subject. “You know, I overheard daddy saying to a client that Trent’s family comes from really old money! Like, Middle Ages. He even said that some of his ancestors were nobles!”

“Hmm…” said Rosa, noticing her charge’s aversion. “That is een-tress-ting…”

Morgan fingered her dress in her hands. “Tonight’ll be great,” she reassured herself.  Rosa looked at her watch and jumped.

“Mees Morgan!” she screeched. “You need to stop playing and get in the shower! Hair and make-up will be here soon!”

Rosa gathered up towels, threw them into Morgan’s arms and herded the girl into the bathroom.

“Don’ forget,” said Rosa, pushing Morgan through the open bathroom door, “Mees Stacy and Mees Jordan will be here at seven o’clock with their dates to pick you up!” Rosa closed the door and Morgan undressed for her shower.

Stacy, Jordan, and Morgan had been inseparable since kindergarten. Stacy was one of the nicest people in the world. One of the things that made her so endearing was her ability to be confused on the simplest of things.

Her bright green eyes were always opened wide, as though she saw things for the first time, every time. She wore her emotions on her sleeve and was a compulsive worry-wart. Her red, curly hair always bounced when she walked. Sometimes, Stacy would skip slightly when she walked, just to make her curls bounce more.

Jordan was the total and complete opposite of Stacy. Jordan was tall, thin, brunette and very serious. She was competitive in everything from sports to academics and would not take “No” for an answer. She was more level-headed than the other two girls and tried to think of every situation logically. She had only cried in front of Morgan and Stacy once and that was in the third grade when she made a B on her spelling test. Jordan worked hard and volunteered for many different programs at school. Her life plan had been in place since she was in seventh grade: she wanted to be a botanist and run for a seat in Congress.

The three girls were so different, but one thing they had in common was their uncontainable excitement for prom. Stacy was going to prom with her boyfriend, Ben Nichols. The two had been “on again-off again” since second grade. Jordan’s date was Tucker Foster—strictly as friends though. Jordan refused to be tied down in any relationship before she went to college.

“Boys get in the way,” she had once said. “I should be thinking about classes next semester, not whether a boy is going to take me to the kegger at some frat party, ultimately to leave me crying in the bathroom because he was being an idiot and threw up on my shoes! Honestly, Morgan, if you worried more about your grades and less about boys, you’d be going to college this fall too!”

With Jordan leaving for college, Morgan had hoped that Stacy would stay behind in New York to keep her company; but no such luck. Stacy and Ben had already been accepted to Boston College and were invited to rush the most exclusive social clubs. So after tonight, Morgan knew her life would change. Her friends would be leaving for universities and she would still be at home.

Today, however, Morgan refused to think of college. She pushed out thoughts of applications, graduation, or what her career would be. All Morgan wanted to think about was tonight. She hummed as she stepped into the shower and, with shampoo on her head, danced around under the hot water.

Stacy and Jordan arrived, and hair and makeup went by in a blur. Before Morgan knew it, she was standing in her couture gown.

“How do I look?” asked Morgan, twirling.

Muy bonita,” whispered Rosa, wiping tears off her cheek. Morgan grinned and went to her nanny, taking her in a soft embrace, as not to wrinkle her dress.

“I tell them you’re ready,” Rosa said, giving Morgan another look before walking out of the door.

Morgan waited a while until she knew Rosa had announced her, and then she made her way down the spiraling staircase. As she made her descent, Morgan saw Stacy, Jordan, and Morgan’s date, Trent, collectively sigh.

“You look hot,” said Trent, sliding the corsage onto Morgan’s wrist. Rosa made a sound like a low growl under her breath.

“Thank you,” Morgan replied, giggling as she saw Stacy and Jordan making kissing faces behind him. A bright light flashed and the kids looked around.

“Woah, Rosa!” Stacy whined. “You’re going to blind us.”

“Yeah, no joke,” Morgan said, blinking her eyes. “Rosie, will you go get Mom? I want her to see us before we go.”

Rosa slipped out of the room and returned a few minutes later with Mrs. Miller screaming into her phone.

“No, I don’t care if that statue was built for the victims of the bridge collapse, we own that property and the spa is going in!” she yelled into the phone.

Rosa coughed loudly, causing Mrs. Miller to look around the room.

“Well, don’t we look lovely tonight?” Mrs. Miller said, covering up the receiver. “You must be Tristan,” she said, walking toward Morgan’s date.

“It’s Trent, ma’am,” Trent replied, shaking her hand.

“Yes, well… you kids have fun,” Mrs. Miller said, and turned to the nanny. “So, we’re done here now, Rosa?” Rosa nodded and Mrs. Miller started out the room.

“Oh yeah? Well I attend the same club as the Chairman of the City Council, so we’ll see who wins this argument!” Mrs. Miller screamed louder into the phone as she left the foyer.

“Oh, Mom, I wanted to get a…” Morgan cried out after her mom who continued to walk away. “…Picture…” Morgan sighed and turned to her friends who gave her small smiles.

“Your mom’s pretty smokin’…You know, for an old chick,” said Trent, oblivious.

“Go see you father before you leaf,” Rosa said to Morgan and cast Trent an annoyed stare.

“Where is he?” Morgan asked.

“His office,” Rosa replied.

Morgan knocked softly on the door to her father’s office. “Dad?” Morgan called, opening the door slightly. Mr. Miller’s office was enormous. It was a good fifty-foot walk from the door to the desk, and Morgan’s voice slightly echoed.

Mr. Miller was sitting in his leather chair, legs up on the desk, talking on the phone and smoking a cigar.

“No, Jim! We specifically said ‘No’ to the Germans! This cannot happen! I thought you said you were on top of this!”

Morgan walked into the office and closed the door quietly behind her.  She tip-toed to the bookshelf and ran her fingers over the leather books. Her father looked up.

“Hang on, just a sec, Jim. Morgan’s just walked in.”

“You look very pretty,” he said.

Morgan smiled.

“You have enough money?”

Morgan nodded. “Yeah. I have the card in my purse.”

The two waited in silence.

“Hey, Dad…” Morgan’s father cut her off before she could finish.

What? No, we will not reschedule!” Mr. Miller yelled into the phone.

“Morgan?” said a voice behind her. Morgan turned and saw Jordan poking her head into the room. “We need to go, the limo’s here.”

“Alright,” Morgan sighed, turning to tell her father good bye; but Mr. Miller had already turned his back to the door and was yelling into the phone.

The group went outside and piled into the stretch limo. The first stop was Ben’s house, which took longer than expected. Ben had insisted on dying his hair to match Stacy’s green dress, causing a yelling match to break out between him and Stacy. When the two had finally calmed down, they all loaded into the limo again and started for Tucker’s house.

“How about I just go in to get him since we’re running a little behind?” Jordan suggested as the limo stopped in front of Tucker’s house. They all agreed and Jordan left, reappearing seconds later with her date.

Dude! Nice hair!” Tucker said to Ben, holding his hand in the air for a high-five.

“Shut up,” interrupted Ben through clenched teeth. He nodded to Stacy; and Tucker lowered his hand sheepishly back to his lap.

Though they arrived forty-five minutes later than planned, the festivities of prom had only just commenced. Morgan was rather excited that their convoy was tardy, this way everyone at the prom would see her in her gorgeous gown.

“Hold on a sec,” she whispered in Trent’s ear. “I want to go in last.” Trent nodded his head in agreement, checked his hair in the reflection of the glass doors, and waited for the rest of their party to enter.

As the duo walked into the large ballroom, Morgan could swear she heard a collective deep breath coming from the room.

“Your dress is gorgeous!” squealed a petite blonde; “It’s like she just walked out of a magazine!” she heard a boy whisper to his friend; “Wow!” came a cry from across the ballroom.

“Everyone is looking at us!” exclaimed Trent delightfully.

“I know… cool isn’t it?” Morgan replied.

The night continued on with compliments upon compliments, each one more gratifying than the last. Morgan was swelling with pride at being the best dressed at her Senior Prom.

“Excuse me,” squeaked a small, woman’s voice over the speaker system. The room was still abuzz with Morgan’s dress and the general frivolity of the evening and no one took notice.

“EXCUSE ME!” the woman’s voice called louder. Everyone on the dance floor turned their attention to the short, frazzled-looking teacher on the stage.

“Thank you, yes, I am Miss Deranger and it is now time to reveal your Senior Prom King and Queen!” announced Miss Deranger. The audience clapped loudly.

“I just know you’re going to get it, Mo!” Stacy shouted over the applause.

“Yes, yes, thank you. And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for!  Your 2008 Senior Prom King is…” Miss Deranger ripped the envelope open. “Trent Wellington!”

The room exploded with claps, cheers, and whistles. Trent winked at Morgan and walked up to the stage. He strutted over to Miss Deranger who, slightly turning pink, placed a paper mache crown on his head.

“Yes, such a handsome king,” said Miss Deranger.

Trent nodded and gave the teacher a beseeching look. Miss Deranger merely gazed at his bright, green eyes and sparkling teeth that seemed to glitter even more under the stage lights.

“And the queen?” he whispered.

“What? Oh yes, right.” If possible, the short teacher was going redder. “Your Prom Queen is…”

Miss Deranger seemed to pull at the envelope slower than with Trent’s results. When finally out of the seal, Miss Deranger read the name and frowned. “Morgan Miller,” she said flatly.


If possible, the cheers were louder than ever. Morgan glided through the crowd and pranced up the steps to accept her crown. Miss Deranger placed it upon Morgan’s head (rather roughly Morgan thought) and went back to the microphone.

“All right, everyone, now the king and queen will have their first dance,” Miss Deranger said and stalked off the stage.

A slow song started as Morgan and Trent walked hand in hand to the dance floor. Trent twirled Morgan and gave a little bow.

“Your majesty,” he whispered regally. “Might I have the pleasure of this dance?”

Morgan giggled, “Yes you may. But only if you don’t talk like that anymore.”

“Okay!” he said, smiling and took Morgan into his arms. “This is great, isn’t it?”

Morgan sighed, “It really is.”


Try It Tuesday

try it fitness


I recently read an article about a woman from the UK who did an experiment to see what drinking 3 liters of water would do in regard to her skin health. She claims it did wonders for her, and I’m sure it did. After all, we’re 70% water!

drink water

Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday Button


It’s finally here, y’all—Friday is back to grace us with its beautiful presence! Holla! And to commemorate this blessed occasion, I’ve collected all kinds of geeky goodies for your pleasure!


Need to protect your belongings? Look no further than this exclusive from Think Geek!

Captain America Backpack

This Captain America-inspire backpack is great for holding all of your stuff that you don’t want falling into Hydra’s hands!


If you’re like Huff the Hubs, you enjoy birthday cards…for about ten seconds. He finds them kind of pointless because they “don’t serve a purpose”. But I think if he received one of these he’d LOVE cards!

DIY Cards

Each wooden card comes with pieces to pop out and construct! The cards come in three different robot shapes!


I am really looking forward to summer. I’m about sick and tired of the May rains we’re experiencing in Oklahoma. I also love food. So this next find warms my heart:

pizza slice pool float

Lounge whilst dreaming of tasty pizza! Best of both worlds, baby!


When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Troll dolls. Seriously. I had a collection! (Wow, I was weird kid…) That’s why I need about ten pairs of these adorkable shoes from ModCloth:

troll flats

Trollies may come from acorns, but these shoes are from the nerdy heavens!


Get ready, people, because I’m about to drop some nerd news that’s going to make you flip! Nintendo announced this week that it will be working with Universal Studios to bring the world of Mario to its theme parks!

nintendo theme park

That’s right, people! In a matter of months you could be racing on Rainbow Road or searching for Zelda alongside Link at Universal Studios in Orlando! Its still up in the air what the final plans are/where the Nintendo area of Universal will be, but, rumor is they’ll be taking up the area that formerly held Marvel’s superheroes (because Marvel was bought by Disney, Wolverine and his pals will probably be high-tailing it Cinderlla’s castle soon). Get excited! (Note: the link to the story has NSFW language!)

Her’s Day Thursday

Her's Day Thursday3


I’ve got such a cool chick to tell you about for today’s HtH!


Jacqueline Cochran (born May 11, 1906 in Pensacola, FL) was an amazing pilot. Check out her accomplishments:

  • First woman to compete in the MacRobertson Air Race (1934)
  • Only woman to compete in the Bendix race (1937) (Jackie also helped Amelia Earhart to get the race to allow women to enter.)
  • First woman to fly a bomber across the Atlantic Ocean
  • Five-time winner of the Harmon Trophy for the most outstanding woman pilot in the world
  • Recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross


By 1938, she was considered the best female pilot in the United States! She earned the nickname “Speed Queen” and no other pilot went as fast, far, or high in all of aviation history than Cochran!

Jackie Cochran

Jackie was also a part of Wings for Britain, an organization that sent aircrafts built in the US to Britain. While in Britain, Jackie volunteered as a pilot in the Royal Air Force. She worked for the British Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) which recruited women pilots in America and took them to England to join the ATA.


Among Cochran’s accomplishments, she also helped start the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and became its director. Cochran’s work in WASP included training hundreds of women pilots in Sweetwater, TX. Jackie was also a sponsor of the Mercury 13 Program (remember that?)!

Jackie COchran Tim

Thank you, Jackie, for being an awesome inspiration to girls everywhere!

Writer Wednesday

writer wednesday


Normally on Wednesdays, I write an awesome short story from my handy dandy writing prompt book. Today, however, I’m going to give you some helpful tips that can help you break through any writing plateau, destroy procrastination, and get your creative juices flowing!

I have books all about writing and websites favorited that help me with writing, but I never thought of getting an app to help me write! I don’t know why this never dawned on me; I’ve got apps galore! I’ve rounded up the best apps that every writer should have on their phone or tablet!

Name Dice

Name Dice is exactly what it sounds like: dice that you “roll” to help you come up with names for your fictional characters!

name dice

There are HUNDREDS of names to choose from and even if you don’t choose a name that you roll, it will definitely get the motors in your writer mind turning!




Werdsmith works a lot like your Notes app, but is so much more than a digital notebook! You can set daily word goals to motivate you to write every day! You can also share with friends to get feedback on your writing!


Lists for Writers


This app is AMAZING! There are tons of lists that are helpful for writers including character names, physical descriptions, and plot outlines! There are also tips on how to build a character, ways to boost your descriptions of setting, and reference materials (dictionary, thesaurus, etc.).




If you ever get stuck while writing (which happens to 99.99% writers at one time or another) this app is crazy-helpful! There are over 200 writing prompt “cards” that will instantly spark creativity and help you bust through blocks. You can even schedule a daily “spark” so your creativity is always flowing!


Do you have any writing apps you use? What are your favorites?

Try It Tuesday


Y’all, being a mom can really change your appearance. We all know that pregnancy totally changes your shape (and center of gravity) and you can also get lovely stretch marks the punctuate your thighs, butt, and boobs. But another trademark sign of a mom (or a teacher, ha!) are those black circles under our eyes.

I’ve been looking for a way to get rid of them–very unsuccessfully. Concealer isn’t the best cover up and my foundation still lets some circles peep through. I came across a very interesting video with an unconventional way to reduce dark circles:

I wanted to see if it worked, so I thought I’d try it out!

Here’s my before pic:


Hashtag, no filter. And no makeup.

I used NYC lipstick in Ruby (I didn’t choose this for any particular reason; it was cheap and red. I wasn’t about to drop a crazy amount of cash on a lipstick I may not use more than once).


First, I applied some lipstick under my eyes:


Not gonna lie. I felt a little like William Wallace. It made me want to give a battle cry in a Scottish brogue. Anyway, moving on…

Next, I blended it in with a foundation brush:


After that, I went through my makeup routine, as per ush. (Which includes this concealer, this foundation, and this bronzer.)

When I finished, I looked like this:

FullSizeRender (2)

True, my under eyes are a little puffy, but that’s from weight fluctuations. But I think the dark circles were pretty covered! What do you think? Here’s a side-by-side for a better comparison:

before and after

Have you ever tried anything like this? What were your results? Did you like it? Do you have any tips for cover under eye circles?

Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday2

This weekend, Huff the Hubs and I were in Tulsa, OK making my seventh grade dream come true! You guys, I totally met the guys from Hanson:


You can totally tell that he’s super excited about taking a picture with me.

For lunch on Saturday (in between Hanson events) we went to The Cheesecake Factory. We were sat in the most horrid of places–the half both/half table thing that makes you sit by people you don’t know. This makes my misophonic-heart very uneasy.

We were seated next to a table of four older woman (when I say “older” they were all 55+. Suffice to say I think they were all grandmas or soon-to-be grandmas). Because we were in the dreaded half-booth/half-table, I could hear their conversations.

A few tables down, there was a mother in a green shirt with a little boy that was a tad younger than Huff the Babe, along with two other women and another youngin’.

Every few minutes, Green Shirt Momma’s little boy would shriek. Loudly. Honestly, it didn’t bother me. Huff the Babe does that all the time and I know its not her trying to make me jump, its her saying, “Hey! Look what I can do! I can make a loud noise! Isn’t this AWESOME?!” Plus, I was just happy to have a meal with my husband, out in public, and not have to worry about my kid screaming.

The screaming, however, was not overlooked by everyone. People kept turning their heads to give the mother annoyed glances. The glances I could understand. What I could NOT understand were the remarks by the four old ladies sitting next to me:

“I wish I could give them a to-go bag so they could go.”

“That mother isn’t in control of her child.”

“You may have to pitch in for bail money because I’m gonna go slap that kid.”

“This is one of those moments when a muzzle like in Silence of the Lambs would come in handy.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. My hands were shaking and I felt myself resisting the urge to reach over and slap those women.

I looked down at the mother. She knew everyone was looking at her. She scrambled to find books, toys, spoons–anything to keep her child quiet so people wouldn’t look at her and judge her.

I watched as she took the baby to the bathroom, presumably to change his diaper, and saw that tears filled her eyes. I could feel myself in that situation. I too, know how it feels to try to hold it together while your child is freaking out in public. I know the feeling that everyone is looking at you and judging you, thinking that you’re a horrible mother. I’ve gotten the dirty looks and the seen people whispering behind their menus. I’ve fought back tears in a crowded restaurant.

In that moment, I wanted to scream at the women next to me. I wanted to reprimand them for their horrible, awful remarks. I wanted to flip their table over like Jesus did to the people in the temple and start whipping them.

But, I didn’t. I decided to do something a little bit more peaceful. And hopefully something that gave her a blessing and made her feel good about who she was as a mother.

I went to her waiter and asked, “Are you waiting on the woman in the green shirt with the little baby?”

He looked scared. I knew the Bitter Biddies next to me had probably already complained to him, and he probably thought I was next. “Yes…” he replied nervously.

“I want to pay for her meal,” I said.

Really?” the waiter said, surprised.

“Yes,” I told him. “And I want to write her a note on the receipt, so could you please make sure she gets it?”

I saw Green Shirt Mom return from the bathroom as I was taking my seat. She was a little pink-faced but seemed to be keeping it together. Her kid kept squealing–much to the annoyance of the Biddies–and I couldn’t have been happier.

When the waiter brought her check to me, I wrote a simple note: “I have a twenty-month-old. I know how difficult it can be to go out to eat with a little one in tow. You are doing a GREAT job! Happy belated Mother’s Day!”

I don’t know how she reacted to it. I hope she felt blessed. I hope she felt like she was not alone in her “mommy struggles”. I hope she realized that not all people are Judgy Judgersons and that there ARE people out there who understand what you’re going through.

Please don’t misread me, I’m not saying this to toot my own horn or fish for compliments. I’m sharing this story because I feel like we as women need to stop bashing one another and judging each others’ choices. We need to stand up for one another and be our biggest cheerleaders! We need to support those fellow moms out there who are trying to be the best they can be for their kids. Let’s show love and support, and, should the opportunity arise, free cheesecake. 🙂