Her’s Day Thursday

Her's Day Thursday3

Today’s leading lady never invented anything. She didn’t win a Nobel Prize, cure a disease or because the first woman on the moon. Most of her accomplishments have been quiet, out of the public eye, and noticed by those who matter the most. Today’s Her’s Day Thursday champion is, my mom.


Norma Denice Snow was born in Pauls Valley, OK on September 14, 1958 to Mark and Carma Snow. My grandfather has repeatedly told me that she “was the most beautiful baby anyone had ever seen”. PaPa Snow shines with pride when he talks about how the neighbors used to coo over my mom.

When my mom grew up and got married to a young, long-haired hippy named Mark, her life changed forever. She and my dad waited a while to have kids (they were only 18 when they got hitched) but soon, they had three daughters before they turned 30.


My mom is amazing, y’all. With all three labor and deliveries, my mother refused an epidural. I’ve gone through labor, people, and I had an epidural. Let me tell ya, that was not an easy process, nor was it pain free. The fact that my mother did that THREE times with no meds means she is one bad mamma-jamma!

aint she sweet

She’s tough, but she’s also sweet. I can’t even begin to count the times that my mother went without so my sisters and I could have. She’s incredibly generous and hospitable. She loves to make others around her feel special and let them know that she is thinking about them. If she hears about a loved one who is sick or in the hospital, she immediately calls, texts, and visits. She’ll pack little bags of snacks, drinks, and games for a bed-laden friend and gladly use a gift card she received for her birthday to buy something for someone else because “they needed it more”.


She’s incredibly crafty and has sewn countless outfits for my sisters and I, as well as crocheted an innumerable amount of scarves, headwraps, and hats for friends, family, and strangers! She never asks for thanks, she doesn’t expect accolades, and she is incredibly selfless. She’s pretty much a super hero.


My mother is kind, funny (when she wants to be, lol), loving, caring, and absolutely beautiful, inside and out. She’s inspirational and encouraging. Any time I feel like I am failing as a mother, she’s right there next to me saying, “You’re doing a great job! You can do this.”


She’s such an amazing woman, and I want the world to know.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you!

1 thought on “Her’s Day Thursday

  1. and…..she takes entire van loads of teenagers TP-ing! She also contributed in the shaping of several kids that were not hers. I’ll forever be grateful for some of the things she unknowingly taught me.

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