Mommy Monday

mommy monday


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I had hoped I would end the day feeling like this:



But the day ended like this:



It had been a rough twenty-four hours. Huff the Babe had been running a high temp the day before and she wigged out in the middle of the night–crying, shivering, and acting like she was in pain. I felt like we should go to the ER, so we drove to the nearest one in a panic. After hours of holding HtB down for tests, vitals to be checked, and temperatures to be taken, she was finally discharged at 2:00 a.m.

We got home and I slept for about 3 hours, Huff the Hubs slept about 2 hours, and Huff the Babe didn’t sleep at all.

Needless to say, we were all exhausted. It was obvious that the Mother’s Day extravaganza would have to be put on hold. Normally, I would have been devastated. But, all I could think about was my kid. Was she safe? Did she feel better? Was she still running a temperature? Was she going to be okay?

And, in those moments I realized something: motherhood is not about hearing “Thank you” every time you do something. Its not about your kid or your husband bringing you breakfast in bed or freshly picked flowers. Its about putting others ahead of yourself. Its self-sacrifice, a heart of servant-hood, and a love so deep that it almost cannot be explained. Don’t get me wrong, the flowers and food are great, but they’re not everything.

Even though the day didn’t go as planned, I still think I had a great day. My kid was safe, my husband told me he appreciated me, and I got to see my family. I could’ve done without the frantic run to the hospital, the overwhelming feeling that came along with social obligations, and a screaming, cranky baby. BUT, that’s where life happens.


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