Try It Tuesday

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I recently read an article about a woman from the UK who did an experiment to see what drinking 3 liters of water would do in regard to her skin health. She claims it did wonders for her, and I’m sure it did. After all, we’re 70% water!

drink water

2 thoughts on “Try It Tuesday

  1. I have tried this, I took pictures weekly of my face and I did notice a difference my face wasn’t as puffy or splotchy. I have since fallen out of the routine and I have been telling myself I need to hop back on board with it. Since I had no choice in the matter of turning 30 in February my face too has decided to go through some crazy teenage acne breakout and lets throw enlarging pores in there just for the fun of it situation. So I think I’ll be joining you in the 3 liter challenge!

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