Fan Girl Friday

fan girl


Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttt’sssssssssssssssssssss Friday! Time to throw on comfy pants and binge-watch those shows that have been on your Netflix list for months and bring on the weekend, people! I’ve got what you need to make your fangirl (or fanboy) heart full of end-of-the-week-geeky glee!


I recently cleaned out my closet and realized that 80% of my closet is full of fandom-related shirts. And do I care? Nope! Because they’re awesome. And, by the looks of a new website I found, I’m thinking its going to move to a full 100%!

fandom gear

This site, Look Human, is AWESOME! They have TONS of fandom gear for whatever you’re into: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, gaming; they’ve got it all!



The Incredibles sequel is happening! I know, I know, try to remain calm. I mean, this is only something we’ve been waiting for for over the past ELEVEN years! (*SQUEAL*)

Incredibles 2

During an interview with IGN, director Brad Bird discussed his approach to the movie: “A lot of superhero films have been made since ‘Incredibles’ and it is kind of like an athletic field that’s just kind of dried up dirt now, with a few clumps of grass…I love those characters in ‘Incredibles’, but I’m also a moviegoer and I want to be surprised by movies. I want them to zig when they should be zagging. That’s the goal with that one.”



From now until June 14th, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going galactic! That’s right, padawan, they are bringing the world of Star Wars to the House of Mouse with themed food, drinks, and lots more! They’ve even converted their quick-service restaurant—Backlot Express—to a cantina-themed chow house called The Rebel Hangar!

Star Wars Restaurant

The menu looks amazing with items such as: Chips and Sith, The Dark Fried, Pilot’s Pomme Frites, and a beverage called The Rebel Red!



Am I the only one that is totally geeking out about Jurassic World hitting the theaters in less than two weeks?! I remember being a kid, totally being obsessed with dinos, and then seeing Jurassic Park. I flipped my third-grade lid. Well, get ready to flip your adult lid’s folks, because Lego teamed up with JW to bring us this beauty:

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