Mommy Monday

mommy monday

When I first became a mother, I knew there were going to be some moments that I would absolutely love. I knew I would delight in my child and be so excited when she reached milestones. I also knew it would be tough.

But I had no idea it would be as tough as last week*.

As I said in blog last Monday, I thought Huff the Babe was ready for potty training. All of the signs were there! So we started. And it. Was. HORRIBLE. She cried, I cried (A LOT) and I felt like a failure for “giving up” after two days.

Then, on Thursday, I noticed she started coughing and I could hear the phlegm rattling in her chest. I took her to the pediatrician (whom I LOVE) and determined she had a cold. While we were there, I asked the doctor to give her a check-up. When she did, we discovered the poor little Gryffindor has labial adhesion.

“That’s pretty bad,” the doctor said. “And if we don’t treat it, it can cause major problems with potty training.”

My heart sank. I knew HtB knew how to potty and knew when to potty, but the poor thing didn’t want to potty; it hurt too badly.

I felt like even more of a terrible mother. Not only did I subject my poor Gryffindor to the emotional stress of potty training, but I didn’t realize she was in pain. And now, we have to put a cream on her, twice a day for 2-4 weeks. This means holding her down while she kicks and screams, “No way!” as I try to not poke her and hurt her even more while trying to help her with medicine she needs.

Y’all, my heart breaks every time I have to do that. I can’t even begin to explain the torment. I know that the cream will heal it and she probably won’t remember this time of her life, but I will. I will remember having to apply the medicine and how her little eyes filled with tears.

This is the part of motherhood that really sucks.

I’m just hoping and praying that this season passes quickly and my little sweetie will be back to normal soon.

(*Please note that I’m not writing this as a way to throw myself a pity party. This is just an outlet for me to get my feelings out. I know that there are probably other moms out there who have gone through this and maybe you have some advice to share that will make it easier. Also, I had NO idea about adhesions in little girls; no one ever talked to me about it! I’m hoping to get the word out so future moms of little girls know what to look for, because I was completely in the dark.)

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