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Yesterday was crazy-busy. I helped my sister and her family pack up the Penske to haul their stuff to their new house in Virginia. It was an exhausting (physically and emotionally) day. But, now they’re on the road to their new, BEAUTIFUL house in VA and I can sit here and eat my feelings. Which brings us to today’s Try It!

As you know, I have an obsession with my Crock Pot and I am always trying to find new recipes that are yummy and aren’t cream of something soup based. Enter, this delicious recipe!

Tortelloni Original


Here’s what you need:



~One, 20-ounce package of Buitoni tortellini (frozen)

~One, 8oz package of cream cheese

~32 ounces chicken broth

~2 cans diced tomatoes (the original recipe called for the kind with oregano and basil, I got the plain kind)

~1lb ground turkey, ground beef, or ground Italian sausage, whichever you prefer!


First, brown the meat. Drain it and place the meat in your crockpot. Pour the tortellini over it.



Then, pour the chicken broth and tomatoes in. Add in the cream cheese (diced into cubes) on top.



Stir and let it cook on low for 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 hours and enjoy!



This was probably the BEST soup I have EVER made! It was incredibly delicious, easy, and filling! I seriously ate a bowl and was STUFFED! Huff the Hubs loved it, too! This is definitely a Try It I will be doing A LOT!



2 thoughts on “Try It Wednesday

  1. Jessica: Aunt Peggy learned from Grandma Tegerson to use crockpot liners, You don’t have to clean up a thing but the serving spoon. Give it a try.

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