Her’s Day Thursday

Her's Day Thursday3

Today’s HDT is going to be a little different. Much like when Ron Swanson got the Woman of the Year award on Parks and Rec, I’m highlighting a great man that has helped mold and shape the lives of countless women. I’m talking about my dad.

dad and us girls

With Father’s Day this weekend, I wanted to share a little bit about how my father–even though he may not realize it–has been an excellent role model for empowering women.


He let us try new things. 


My dad’s childhood wasn’t the best and he always said he wanted to make sure his children had the best they could. He worked tirelessly so that my sisters and I could afford to do any activity we wanted (including dance, gymnastics, skating lessons, swimming lessons, cheerleading, and, for a brief period, basketball). He (and my mother) wanted us to try new things and have experiences they didn’t. He made sure we were able to travel so we could see places we read about and could gain first-hand knowledge of the world around us.


He showed us how to work. 


So many times, my father worked 12-hour days (heck, he still does!). He always said, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” He instilled in my sisters and me the value of working, and working hard.


He didn’t let us give up. 

me dad relay

Though he may not know it, my dad is a great motivator. He would tell us girls, “You can do it! Just try.” He didn’t do things for us (unless it was just waaaaay too dangerous/you basically needed a special license to do whatever it was) when he knew we could do it.


He taught us we were enough, just as we are. 


When I was younger (this is pre-Huff the Hubs) and fretting over guys, my dad would simply say, “You do not need a man to ‘complete you’. Be your own person.” I really took that to heart. I realized I had been changing myself to fit what I thought this guy would like or what that guy would find appealing. So when I started dating HtH, I decided to be myself and thought, “If he likes me for who I am, then I know he’s a keeper.”


He taught us what love really is. 

mom and dad

Man, my dad loves my mom. Ever since he was in high school, the torch my dad carries for my mom has been burning bright. The example he has shown me of what a beautiful, loving, Godly marriage is inspires me in my marriage.


I am so blessed to have the dad I do. I think its important for girls to have strong female role models in their lives, but I believe its equally important for girls to have strong male role models as well. I’m just glad I’ve got an amazing one in my dad.


Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

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