Mommy Monday

mommy monday

Yesterday was the first official day of summer! Yay! Time for road trips, snow cones, and of course, swimming.


Whether you go to the lake or your own backyard, water safety is VERY important for you and your brood of Littles. My sister, Samantha, is often referred to as “The Car Seat Nazi”. The girl knows anything and everything you need to know about proper car seat purchasing, installation, care, and car seat laws. (Needless to say I took her along with me when it was time to graduate Huff the Babe into a new carseat). I’m the same way, with water safety. You can just call me, “The Life Jacket Nazi”.

I worked as a lifeguard for six summers throughout high school and college. I loved it! It paid well and the hours were great. The thing I didn’t enjoy though, was the heart-pounding fear when you have to rescue someone from the water. Often, it was little kids that needed retrieval from the water because they had improper gear or didn’t know how to swim.

Consider this a friendly PSA from you neighborhood blogger: get a proper life-saving vest and/or get your kids enrolled in swimming lessons.

So many times, I see kids wearing these abominations:

arm floaties

These are NOT life-saving devices, people. It says so on the frickin’ package in BIG BOLD letters! You can buy these at Dollar Tree for Heaven’s sake! (Not that I have anything against DT; that’s my jam when I’m broke, but if I’m buying something to protect my child, you’d better believe Momma’s paying top-dollar for quality!)

When purchasing a life-jacket or vest, check to make sure it has been approved by the United States Coast Guard (there is typically a big, white patch on the inside of the jacket that states its USCG approved). This ensures that it is in tip-top shape and WILL help prevent drowning. A proper life-jacket or vest looks something like this:

life jackets

Life jackets can only go so far. To help keep your kids safe around the water, teach your children to swim. There is a plethora of places to help your kid learn how to swim as well as learn water safety (at the pool, we’d always say, “Water safety begins on land.”). Your local YMCA, college campuses, and neighborhood pools hold classes every summer and some offer classes throughout the year. (At minimum, teach your child how to float on their backs so if they get into trouble, they can pop up on the backs and call for help!).

As a parent, you also need to know the signs of drowning. Drowning isn’t always screaming for help. There are many different signs you can read about here. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea for at least one parent to be trained in CPR. I firmly believe that one person per household should know how to administer CPR should the need arise. Here’s a link you can visit that will tell you where you can get trained!

I’m totally not trying to poop on your parade; I want everyone to enjoy their summer and have fun! But, I also want to make sure you’re being safe! Do you have any water safety tips? Any recommendations for swimming lessons? Life jackets? Share in the comments below!

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