Fan Girl Friday!

fan girl


Y’all summer is just flyyyyyying by! But, thankfully, its been stuffed to the brim of nerdy novelties to keep your summer geektastic!

I’m a big fan of the Hawaiian shirt. This shirt, however, I am HUGE fan of! Check it out!;

hawaiian storm trooper shirt

I wish the new Stars Wars was coming out this summer because I would totes get this for Huff the Hubs to wear to the premiere! You can only get it at Think Geek!


My mom is an avid crocheter. The woman could crochet anything and I think I’ve found her next project!

mario crocheted blanket

Computer programmer, Kjetil Nordin from Norway spent six years crocheting this Super Mario Brothers 3 World 1 Map! Isn’t it amazing?! Read more of his story here!


One important rule of summer–besides eating as many snow cones as you can before the fall comes–is taking care of your skin in the summer sun! And I’ve got a hilariously healthy way to do it!

will ferrell sun tan lotionOh yes, that is THE Will Ferrell on that bottle of sunscreen! Not only is this sunscreen free of harmful stuff and packaged in the most hilarious way possible, but his sunscreen does good for others! The proceeds from each sale help Will Ferrell’s benefit, Cancer for College, a group that provides scholarships for cancer survivors!


Well, we’re mid-way through the year…How’s it going with those New Year Resolutions? Workouts got you down? Not to worry, Flex Design Body Suits are here to help! They can give you super hero-like suits without all the work!

body suits give you muscles

The suit comes in 24 different colors so you can become any superhero you want! They’re a bit pricey–$700 for the cheapest one–but you’ll definitely be the most ripped person at Comic Con!


Happy fangirling!

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