Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday3


I’ve said it before, my job is pretty great. I work from home five days a week which allows me to do conference calls and edits in my pajamas and sans makeup. I can make my own schedule and get stuff done SO MUCH quicker than I could if I was sitting at the office. Not only that, but I get to keep Huff the Babe home with me on my not-so-busy days, so I get the “best of both Mommy Worlds”.

There are times, though, when Huff the Babe stays home with me that I think, “Okay… what now?”

Not as in, “I need more out of my life, I am having an existential crisis” its more of a, “I think the kid is bored.”


I’ve blogged about how tend to get bored when the wee one is playing independently and I’m caught up on housework/work-work (which hardly ever happens, but still, it happens) but sometimes I can sense she’s bored.

I try to do some “Tot School” stuff everyday. We go over letters, colors, numbers, and shapes; read books; color; and try to play outside before it gets too blazing hot. But that only takes up a few hours out of the day.


I can’t really think of much to do. I’ve consulted Pinterest but all of the paper mache in the world won’t keep my 21-month old still very long. By the time I say, “Do you want to color?” and get her to the table with her crayons and coloring book she says, “I done!”

We’ve gone to Story Time at the library before and while it was okay, its not my favorite thing to do. She LOVES to watch movies (Disney princesses are her jam) but I don’t want her to watch too much TV. So I’m asking for help, fellow Mommas. What do you do with your little ones? How do you keep them entertained? What are your favorite activities to do together that aren’t expensive/don’t involve me pushing a heavy stroller in 101* heat searching for animals that have hidden in their caves because its too hot?

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