Try It Tuesday

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When I was doing the low carb thing, I searched and searched for recipes for things that would taste good and not be just another cheese stick. I had some ricotta cheese leftover from my mini lasagna Try It and wondered if there was something I could use that in. I searched Pinterest and found this:

milkshake original


A “milkshake” that’s low carb?! Uh, YES PLEASE.


Here’s what I used:


~ 1/4 cup part skim ricotta cheese

~2-3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa

~1 tsp vanilla extract

~2 cups Skim milk (the recipe said you could unsweetened almond milk too, but I already skim milk)

~3-4 tsp Stevia (you could also use Splenda)


~Sugar free Cool Whip (to dollop on top)


All you do is pour it into a blender and bam! Its done!



In the original pin’s blog post, the writer said she had enough left for two more milkshakes. Because of this, I halved the recipe…except I used the wrong amount of cocoa. I used twice as much as I should have which made it…not so great.

It was grainy and super bitter. I basically ate the Cool Whip off the top and called it a day. I may try to make this again (and actually get the amounts right) but I consider this Try It a fail. Womp, womp.


Have you ever tried this before? Did you have different results?

5 thoughts on “Try It Tuesday

  1. Milk actually has quite a lot of carbs.
    I like full fat ricotta with some cocoa powder, sweetener, a drop of vanilla and maybe a few SF chocolate chips mixed in. Makes a great dessert or small meal. Very filling and very low in carbs.

  2. What I do is make a kefir milk shake. I make my own kefir at home and the process eats up the sugar in the milk. When you add ice and frozen berries you get a really thick and yummy low carb shake.

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