Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday2

When I was pregnant with Huff the Tot (Hermione had to pass along Huff the Babe for the new kid) I was nervous about EVERYTHING. Was I going to be a good mom? Was I eating the right things? Would I be able to juggle motherhood and working and being a wife while also maintaining my self? There were so many “what ifs” and doubts running through my mind. After all, it was my first time doing this.


Then, I heard a song that really spoke to me. This one:


The very first few lines made me realize she and I are in it together. We can do this. So it became my pregnancy anthem.


This time, I feel more confident (though, I still have some “what if” moments). I’m so excited for our new little peanut and the relationship she or he will have with their big sister.


I have been keeping How I Met Your Mother on in the background while I’ve been working and the other day I watched the episode, The Magician’s Code and heard a beautiful song. It has now become my {second} pregnancy anthem:


Did you have a song that really stuck with you during your pregnancy? Share in the comments below!

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