Try It Tuesday

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Hey y’all! I have been sooooooooooooooo behind on my Try Its! Things have just been CA-RA-ZEE around the Huffman Homestead. But, I am back with a fun Try It that anyone can do!


I was scrolling through Pinterest the other night (trying to fall asleep, but unable to because of the horrible “morning sickness” that hits me right after dinner) and saw this:

FullSizeRender (6)


Immediately I wanted to try it!

And I did.

And failed.

The picture and instructions were a little hard to follow. So I did what anyone would do, I consulted YouTube. Then, I found this instructional video:


So I tried it out!

Here’s the before shot of my apple:



And the after:



Yeah, I couldn’t do it. After about four tries, I got mad and just ate it. In my defense though, I just finished my strength training workout so I was a little shaky. But still, I’m super bummed I couldn’t do it!


Have any of you tried this before? Do you have a special technique that works? Share in the comments below!

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