Fan Girl Friday!

fan girl


Happy Friday, padawans! I’ve got some nerdy nifties sure to put a smile on your face! Today’s FGF is all about a galaxy far, far away!


Huff the Hubs and I just bought our first house. We want our home to be a den for geeks, so I think we need to invest in this first find!

Fan Girl Friday Vader Porch Light Cover

These porch light covers come in two designs: Vader and Stormtrooper! They come as a kit so you can custom fit them to your outdoor light!


We’ve already decided that the Star Wars nursery will become New Baby’s room and Huff the Tot will get a new royal makeover. But when New Baby gets old enough, I think we’ll have to grab this bed for the little tyke:

Fan Girl Friday Star Wars Bed Pottery Barn

This Millennium Falcon children’s bed is exclusively from Pottery Barn. And comes with a hefty price tag: $3,999.00! Even for a ship that can complete the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, that’s a tad over our budget. But, a girl can dream.


Huff the Tot has really been getting into Star Wars, which makes this geek mom’s heart swell with pride. Her favorite character is Darth Vader…we may need to get this for the kid’s room!

Fan Girl Friday Vader Wall Decor With Sound

This Vader wall hanging not only looks cool, but also talks! It has three preloaded sayings and he does his signature breathing!


I’m all about mash-ups. So when I saw this ah-mazing invention from Falcontoys, I was ecstatic!

Fan Girl Friday Han Solo Pop Tart

Yes, that is Han Solo in a Pop Tart. (Ya know, if they would have done that in the original movie, I’m thinking that Jabba would’ve eaten the tart and Han would’ve only been in there for about 3 seconds!) These awesome figurines are were available on but they have sold out and now there’s a crazy-long waiting list! #worthit

Happy fangirling!

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