Fan Girl Friday!

Fan Girl Friday Mario Badge


Happy Friday, y’all! Today is trailermania on The Huffman Post! I’ve got awesome sneak peeks on much-anticipated movies!

First up, we’ve got The Scorch Trials the second in The Maze Runner series. And, bonus, it opens in theaters today!


Disney is releasing a live-action retelling of their classic The Jungle Book! And by the looks of the trailer, we will not be disappointed, people!


I know many of y’all were none too happy about the ending to the Divergent series, but maybe you’ll be appeased when you watch the newest trailer for the film!


And, finally, the last installment of the Hunger Games saga wraps up this November. When I saw this trailer, titled For Prim, I seriously got goosebumps. Watch and try not to cry!


What’d you think? Have you seen any new trailers that YOU can’t wait to watch in theaters? Share in the comments below!


Scorch Trials

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