Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday4


By now, you’ve probably seen the many, many videos circulating through social media that highlight “women’s beauty throughout history“. And while its fun to see how fashions and trends have changed (what were we thinking in the 80’s?!) I’ve noticed that it all seems to just focus on what the women wore, not so much what they were doing. My sister knows how much stuff like this bugs me and sent me this awesome video! I loved it so much that I had to share it with you!

The maker of the video, Karolina Zewbrowska, said that although not all of the statistics are from one country (some are from America, others are from Russia) she wanted to show what women around the world were going through at the time, rather than just showing their clothes:

“I became more and more aware that beautiful faces and fashion we see on the photos, ads, and fashion plates are just an idealistic version of reality…So here’s to reality.”


Get it, girl.

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