Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday4


Happy New Year, fellow BAMFs! The first Her’s Day Thursday of the year is a tad bit different. I decided I wanted to sprinkle in some fictional femme fatales throughout the year to highlight awesome characters in film, books, and TV!

I thought that since the newest movie came out a month ago, I should start with one of my favorites: Princess Leia Organa!

Why is Princess Leia worthy of HDT stardom? Here, let me educate you…


She Won’t Be Intimidated

Hersday Thursday Leia Stands Up to Jerks

She gives zero effs about Governor Tarkin or Darth Vader’s tough talk and shuts them down immediately.


She Saves A Butt-Load of People

Hersday Thursday Leia organizes Evac and saves lives on Hoth

The Princess not only shows her military prowess on Hoth, but also organizes the evacuation, saving thousands of lives.


She Defends Herself

Hersday Thursday Leia Defends Herself

Though she’s technically a princess, you won’t see Leia fainting on a couch or freaking out about wind-blown hair. She’s fierce, fiery, and doesn’t hesitate to grab a blaster and take down Storm Troopers.


SHE Does the Rescuing

Hersday Thursday Leia Rescues Han

Yes, Luke and Han saved the Princess from the Death Star. But when her hunky Han Solo was frozen in carbonite, she didn’t wait around pulling petals off a daisy. She donned a disguise, walked right into Jabba’s place, threatened that giant slug with a grenade and went after her man!


She Took Down Jabba

Hersday Thursday Leia Kills Jabba

Leia was taken prisoner by that disgusting blob but she didn’t just sit around. She took that nasty alien down! ALL. BY. HERSELF.

There’s a plethora of reasons to give it up to the intergalactic royal, but those are just a fw of my faves! Do you have love for Leia? What’s your favorite Leia moment? Share in the comments below!

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