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I’m officially 30 weeks pregnant. Well, 30 weeks and 1 day according to my Ovia Pregnancy App. And holy crap, I feel like I’m 43 weeks pregnant. (Yes; I know the gestation for humans is 40 weeks; THAT should tell you how miserable I feel.)

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I mean, when you’re carrying a little “love goblin”, as Mila Kunis so eloquently put it, it takes a toll on your body. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. And sometimes I feel like not everyone gets it.

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The changes to your body alone are pretty drastic and, at times, terrifying.

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The past few weeks have been especially hard for me. I seriously feel like my stomach cannot stretch anymore. Its beyond uncomfortable. When you’re hot or cold, you can take off your jacket or put on a sweater. But how do you get comfortable when its your own body making you feel that way? Don’t get me wrong, I love my babies with everything that’s in me. But dang, its hard work bringing them into this world!

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So if you see an expecting momma, please don’t say things like, “Oh, I bet you’re ready!” or “Whoa! Goodness girl, how long do you have left?” Give her a hug (or a candy bar) and tell her that’s she’s awesome.





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