Fan Girl Friday!

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Its official: we’re halfway through January. And, already so much has happened! I couldn’t bring myself to write a blog post yesterday because I was so torn up about the passing of Alan Rickman. Though I bleed the red and gold of Gryffindor House, I think we can all say that, right now, we’re all Slytherins.

The passing of such a great actor and the man we’ve all come to love as he portrayed one of the most misunderstood characters in the HP universe, has really left a hole in so many people’s hearts.

Yesterday, at Harry Potter World in Florida, fans showed their grief in beautiful ways. A large group banded in front of the Hogwarts ride, wands held high.

Fans Hold Wands Up in Memory of Alan Rickman at Harry Potter World


And inside, a single lily was placed outside of Snape’s potion’s classroom:

Lily left at Snape's Classroom Door

Rest in peace, Alan. We will always remember you.


Now, I’d like to switch gears and show you some delightfully dorky deals I’ve found to brighten your mood!

Over at The Geeky Hostess, there’s not only recipes but there’s also one-of-a-kind finds sure to bring a smile to your face! Like this ah-may-zing three-pack of fandom teas!

Geeky-Hostess-Tea-Combo HP Firefly Doctor Who

The 3-pack includes Mechanic’s Blend (Firefly), Doctor’s Blend (Doctor Who), and Lion’s Blend (Gryffindor/Harry Potter)! I’m a part of all three fandoms so this is PERF for me! (Hint, hint, Huff the Hubs!)


Huff the Tot hasn’t worn bibs in a loooooong time (though, she–and I–probably should!). But soon, we’ll be adding to our brood and we’ll need to dig those things out of storage. But, I think I may buy a few of these, just to keep those meal time messes humorous:

Travelling Sideshow Bibs

These silly sideshow bibs not only protect the kiddo from messes, but also help you have pictures that will no doubt embarrass them in the future! Its a win-win! Ha!


Even though I work from home, I know how it can be working in an office. Some days, you just do NOT want to make small talk with people. And, there’s really no way to let people know this without coming off as a jerk. So let your mug do the talking for you!

Mixed Messages Mug

This mug from Fred Flare comes with re-positionable letters so you can let your coworkers know when you’ve finally had enough coffee to make it through 10 minutes of chit-chat!


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Happy fangirling!


Try It Tuesday

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As you may remember, I have been looking for new recipes to add to our repertoire to help us not eat the “same ole, same ole”. I’ve been trying to find easy and healthy recipes as well, to help with the post-baby “I don’t want to cook tonight” feelings I know will set in after Huff the Babe is born. I found this recipe on Pinterest and figured I might as well try it out! Enter, cheesy chicken broccoli casserole.

Here’s what you need:

Try It Broccoli Cass (2)

~3 cups cubed chicken (not pictures)
~16 oz bag of frozen broccoli
~1 med onion diced (or about 1 cup frozen; that’s what I used!)
~2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
~1 tsp garlic powder
~1 cube chicken bouillon (or 1 tsp bouillon powder)
~1/2 cup water (this was optional; I didn’t add it in)
~1 Tbsp olive oil
~1/4 tsp pepper
~1/4 c sour cream
~1 cup ricotta cheese


First, grease your casserole pan and preheat the oven to 350. In a medium to large frying pan, add broccoli, onion, chicken bouillon, water, olive oil and pepper and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Try It Broccoli Cass (3)


In a medium/large bowl, combine the chicken, garlic powder, sour cream and ricotta cheese. Mix until well blended.

Try It Broccoli Cass (4)


When the 10 minutes are up for the veggies on the stovetop, pour them into the bowl with the chicken and cheeses. Mix well.

Try It Broccoli Cass (1)


Pour the mixture into your casserole pan and add the rest of the mozzarella cheese.



Then, bake for 50-60 minutes!

I liked this recipe okay; Huff the Hubs LOVED it. He said he wants me to make it again. I don’t know… I wasn’t as convinced. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it just wasn’t my fave. It was fairly easy to make, though and full of green veggies and lean proteins! I’m wondering if it could be considered “low carb” since there’s no rice or anything in it. I mean, its basically just chicken, cheeses, and broccoli!


Have you ever made this before? What did you think? Share in the comments below!





Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday3



When I was pregnant with Huff the Tot, I experienced “pregnant brain” firsthand. I figured it was coming when I got pregnant with Huff the Babe. What I wasn’t prepared for was how “second pregnancy  pregnant brain” does NOT hold a candle to “first pregnancy pregnant brain“.


Seriously, y’all. I forget stuff ALL. THE. TIME.

Mommy Monday Pregnant Brain


I’ve found myself calling people the wrong names, asking “Where is my phone?!” when it’s in my hand, and even forgetting my last name. (No joke. I had to sign a receipt the other day and stopped short when it came to write, ‘Huffman’.)

I know I’m not alone in this. My sister actually left the house one day in slippers and didn’t realize it until she got to the zoo–45 minutes away! When I came across this article on Buzzfeed the other day, I knew I had to share with all my preggo and Momma friends. Take a look, laugh, and try not to forget why you’re laughing.



Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday New Background1


Happy Friday, everyone! It’s our first FGF of the New Year! Woot, woot! I have scoured the interwebs and found some delightfully dorky treats to get your year started off right!


What’s the ONE thing that could make Legos better? I mean, besides making it pain-free to step on one. Why, having a custom-built Lego mini fig of course!

Fan Girl Friday Print Your Face on Legos

Now you can get a Lego figurine with YOUR face on it! Through a company on Etsy called Funky 3D Faces, you can have a custom, 3-D printed Lego head to attach to any Lego figurine you want! That means you could place your head on the new Doctor Who mini fig and walk around inside the TARDIS! A dream come true!


While I was walking around Target the other day, I saw a cookbook that I absolutely need!

Fan Girl Friday Nerdy Nummies

Rosanna Pansino—an internet chef!—has released her first book filled with geeky goodies to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth! Recipes include: robot cake pops, geode candy cupcakes, and much more! The different chapters are: Math and Science, Space, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Gaming, Tech and Web, and Geeky Treats!


One of my goals this year is to pick up a new hobby. I feel like everyone in my family has got a “thing”. My mom crochets, my sister bakes, my other sister sews, and my dad can build anything. Me? I can offer sarcastic comments and movie quotes. Something I think I’d really like is embroidery. Mostly because I saw this on Pinterest and I want to make them all! Luckily, Perpetual Kid has me covered!

Fan Girl Friday Embroidery Kit

How cute is this “paper” embroidery kit?! I think I’d do okay with this since it already has lines on it—ha!



Y’all, this next one hit me in the feels. Before we found out that Huff the Babe was a boy, we called him “Peanut”. I’m thinking I should ask Huff the Hubs for this as my “push present”:

Fan Girl Friday Peanut Necklace

Isn’t it adorable? This legume lovely is only $12.99 and would be an adorable accessory to any outfit!



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Happy Fangirling!



Her’s Day Thursday

hersday thursday4


Happy New Year, fellow BAMFs! The first Her’s Day Thursday of the year is a tad bit different. I decided I wanted to sprinkle in some fictional femme fatales throughout the year to highlight awesome characters in film, books, and TV!

I thought that since the newest movie came out a month ago, I should start with one of my favorites: Princess Leia Organa!

Why is Princess Leia worthy of HDT stardom? Here, let me educate you…


She Won’t Be Intimidated

Hersday Thursday Leia Stands Up to Jerks

She gives zero effs about Governor Tarkin or Darth Vader’s tough talk and shuts them down immediately.


She Saves A Butt-Load of People

Hersday Thursday Leia organizes Evac and saves lives on Hoth

The Princess not only shows her military prowess on Hoth, but also organizes the evacuation, saving thousands of lives.


She Defends Herself

Hersday Thursday Leia Defends Herself

Though she’s technically a princess, you won’t see Leia fainting on a couch or freaking out about wind-blown hair. She’s fierce, fiery, and doesn’t hesitate to grab a blaster and take down Storm Troopers.


SHE Does the Rescuing

Hersday Thursday Leia Rescues Han

Yes, Luke and Han saved the Princess from the Death Star. But when her hunky Han Solo was frozen in carbonite, she didn’t wait around pulling petals off a daisy. She donned a disguise, walked right into Jabba’s place, threatened that giant slug with a grenade and went after her man!


She Took Down Jabba

Hersday Thursday Leia Kills Jabba

Leia was taken prisoner by that disgusting blob but she didn’t just sit around. She took that nasty alien down! ALL. BY. HERSELF.

There’s a plethora of reasons to give it up to the intergalactic royal, but those are just a fw of my faves! Do you have love for Leia? What’s your favorite Leia moment? Share in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday

try it fitness


Today’s Try It is actually a continuation of yesterday’s post. I talked about how I wanted to make sure I was eating more nutritionally-rich foods instead of the fattening casseroles and baked goods I’ve been shoving in my mouth this holiday season.

I watched a great documentary the other day (while riding the stationary bike) called Hungry for ChangeIn the doc, one of the folks interviewed talked about how if you say, “I’m going to stop eating every single thing I’m used to eating and completely overhaul my habits overnight,” you will fail. There’s basically a 99.99% chance after the first day you’ll say, “This is too hard. I’m done.” So he suggested just adding new stuff to your diet.

Then, he went on to talk about some great things to add to your daily menu.

For example, if you normally don’t eat breakfast because you’re always in a rush, buy some bananas. They’re portable, able to be eaten with one hand, and full of good stuff! Or, if you like to eat salads with your lunch, go a step further and add cucumbers or toss in some kale with your romaine lettuce!

Another “addition” he talked about was chia seeds. I had heard of these seeds before, but I hadn’t really tried them, mostly because I didn’t know how to eat them. Turns out, you can just add them to stuff you’re already eating! I decided to do just that.

I popped over to WalMart and bought a small packet of them (I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I wasn’t sure I’d like):


Try It Chia Seeds (1)


I added 1 tablespoon to my morning oatmeal:

Try It Chia Seeds (2)


Honestly, I didn’t even notice they were there! So, the next day, I added some to my smoothie. Again, I couldn’t notice them! But, I knew I was getting a ton of benefits from them, such as:

~Omega-3 fatty acids (great for promoting healthy brain development for Huff the Babe)

~Fiber (which most preggos will tell you is a MUST during those 9 months of carrying a wee one)

~Calcium (helps keep Momma’s bones strong as well as giving that bone-building nutrient to the tiny bundle in your belly)

~Antioxidants (aka, stuff to help boost your immune system; which is needed during pregnancy!)


Have you ever tried chia seeds? What do you use them in? Share in the comments below!





Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday New Banner 2


Happy New Year, y’all! Well, we’re four days into 2016 and I gotta tell ya, it feels a lot like 2015. Except for the fact that I’ve noticed gym parking lots are FULL and Christmas clearance shelves are empty.

Did you make any resolutions? As you know, I’m not that big on resolutions, but I like setting goals. I filled out my “2016” (see this blog post) and my one wish for 2016 was “health”. I decided I needed to start making that wish come true.

Ever since Thanksgiving (I would say Halloween, but I had a nasty tummy bug that made even the thought of candy repulsive) I have been eating like Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka’s factory. Seriously, its been bad. Plus, I haven’t been working out as much as I’d like to be.

“But you’re pregnant!” You may say. “You should eat whatever you want and just relax.”

Now I Can Eat Anything


Yeeeaaahh…. the thing about that is, when you eat whatever you want, you’ll have to burn that ish off if you want to get back down to your pre-pregnancy weight. Also, studies have shown that working out during pregnancy can actually help during labor and delivery as well as improve the health of your baby and knock down the chances of complications.

I knew that I needed to start eating healthier (relax; I’m not trying to lose weight. I’m just trying to put good things in my body that will benefit me and Huff the Babe) and be more intentional about my exercise routine.

I also knew that there was absolutely no way I’d be able to start until after our last Christmas/New Year get-together. Thankfully, that was Saturday!

The heat is on now, folks. If you’re a momma-to-be, I’ve got some helpful tips and websites that have helped me!


For Mommas-to-Be: 

~Eat breakfast! If I don’t eat breakfast, I get a serious bout of “pregnant brain” as well as nausea.

~Drink LOTS of water. I track my water intake in my FitBit app! There are TONS of apps to help with this!

~Add dark, leafy greens to your diet. Spinach and kale are powerhouse foods that contain a TON of folic acid (which is vital to baby’s brain development). If you like smoothies, add half a cup of spinach; you can’t even taste it, I promise!

~Swap a “treat” for berries or a banana. When I was pregnant with Huff the Tot, instead of eating ice cream or something with little nutritional value, I’d dollop 1/2 cup Greek yogurt into a bowl and add about 1/2 cup berries (raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries). It was so good AND filling! Plus, I was getting protein from the yogurt as well as fiber from the berries!

Helpful Links:

Pregnancy Workout Video from

Exercise Tips During Pregnancy

Nutrition Help During Pregnancy from

Eating Healthy During Pregnancy from

Tips for Eating Healthy from


Please don’t take this post as “Oh, she’s body-shaming me into something” or “Stop with the guilt trip, no one eats perfect all the time!” First, I’m not body-shaming or trying to guilt. Second, you’re dang skippy that no one eats perfect all the time! I know I don’t (just come look at all of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Tree’s wrappers on my desk)! But it is important to me to make sure I’m giving my kiddo the nutrients he needs to be a healthy newborn. And if that means eating spinach and taking walks, I’m going to do it!

What about you? Do you have any health tips for mommas out there? Share in the comments below!