Try It Tuesday

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Ever since hitting the third trimester, my body has decided to start punishing me. Mostly by making me feel like everything from now non-existent waist down is just going to crumble under the weight of my son. Seriously. I don’t remember being in this much pain when I was pregnant with Hermione.

Anywhoo, so with all of this pressure on my back, legs, hips, feet, and ankles I realized I needed to do something. Especially since I’m not due for (at least) another 5 1/2 weeks. There’s no need to suffer for another month if I can do something about it.

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I asked my doc what I could do and she recommending getting a maternity belt. Like this:

Try It Maternity Belt


When I first saw it I was like, “Ugh. Do I really want to wear something like this?” But then the saleswoman at Motherhood Maternity showed me how to use it. She basically put it on for me and adjusted the straps. When she was done, it was like a bright light from Heaven appeared and the angels began to sing.

This thing is basically the greatest thing since epidurals. It lifts, it relieves pressure, and helps me be able to walk to another room without dragging one of my legs behind me like a wounded animal.

My only complaint is the fact that I have to take it off every time I have to pee. Which, let’s face it, is basically every 10 minutes now that we’re in the downhill slide of pregnancy.

Even with that, though, this maternity belt is seriously the best. I can stand/walk/exercise again! HOLLA!

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Have you ever used a maternity belt? Did you try something different? Share in the comments below!

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