Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday New Background3


Happy last Friday in February, y’all! I am SO glad this month is almost over! Not because I hate the cold and the fact that my Valentine candy has all been eaten, but because that means the little nerdling baking in my belly will soon grace us with his presence. But until then, I will regale you all with the awesomely geeky goodies I’ve found!


I don’t know how many purses I have. Probably over 10. But doesn’t every girl? Not only that, I also have about 20 little pouches to store various things inside. I would gladly give them all up for THIS one!

hermione pouch

Isn’t it adorable?! It comes from Red Bubble artist Tanya Richards! I’m thinking I may need to order this for my little Hermione!


Does the man in your life need some help grooming (especially in the nose area) but he thinks that’s just for “old, uncool” guys? Then help him embrace the manscape by getting him this!

atomic nose hair trimmer

Its an Atomic Blaster nose hair trimmer from Perpetual Kid! The trimmer works by simply pulling on the trigger!


As a kid, I was OBSESSED with dinosaurs. It was my dream to one day travel the world and dig up dino bones and ancient artifacts. This, of course, was before I realized I would have to take a ton of science classes, probably get my Ph. D., and it would be nothing like Indiana Jones. Le sigh. But, with Think Geek, I can get myself clean and feel like Dr. Sattler!

archaeology soap

This Archaeology Soap from TG features different layers of scented soap along with two different dino figurines inside! And, according to the website the soap also includes: “Pumice in the bottom layer and bentonite clay in the second layer so the “ground” will wear away differently (like it does in nature!)”


I think we can all agree on two things: 1. Star Wars is bae and 2. Adele is a musical genius. If you don’t agree, then don’t scroll down. If you do, get ready to be blown away!

Dark Dise Sweatshirt

I. NEED. THIS. IN. MY. LIFE. As do you. Get it here!


Happy fangirling!

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