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Now that we’re officially in March, I’m counting down the days until Huff the Babe makes his appearance. And lawd let me tell ya, I’m so incredibly ready to be done. I’ll spare you the gory details, but let’s just say that pregnancy HURTS.

I’ve been looking at ways to help me out during and after delivery (i.e., what I can do to help me NOT have to push for two hours like I did with Huff the Tot/what I can do to help speed up the healing process).

During my research, I came across this study. To spare you from having to read it yourself, a group of pregnant women were used in this study. Half of them ate 6 dates a day in the four weeks leading up to their due date and the other half did not. According to the study, those in the date-eating group:

  • Have intact membranes upon admission to the hospital
  • Go into labor spontaneously
  • Avoid pitocin
  • And have a shorter first phase of labor

Research has found that dates have an affect on the body much like the hormone oxytocin, which helps to stimulate contractions as well as help with hemorrhaging after delivery. Plus, its full of good-for-you stuff like fiber, magnesium, and potassium! So, why not, right?

Right when I read this, I went out and bought a bag!

Try It Tuesday 3-1-16 (1)


I’ve been chomping down on these bad boys since my 34th week! They’re actually pretty good and taste like big raisins!

I’ll let you know if I think the dates helped me out (I’m sure all those mamas-to-be want to know)!


Have you ever tried dates? What did you think?

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