Mommy Monday

mommy monday


Yes. I am still pregnant.

pregnant goat


Last Thursday I went to my doctor and she said, “Oh, I wouldn’t be surprised if he came today! He’ll at least be here this weekend!” Of course I was overjoyed at hearing that! I’ve been so miserable, been in a lot of pain, and I’m so ready to be done being pregnant.

So Thursday went by.


Friday came and went.


Saturday came. I thought it was “go time”. I was having severe contracions that were close together and VERY painful. My mom came over to get Huff the Tot while huff the Hubs and I booked it to the hospital. We got checked in and sent up to Triage.

Nope. Nothing.

Even though I was having painful contractions every 4 minutes, they were not the “real labor” kind; the kind that dilates and lets the baby come out. So we left.

Then, I got a call from my family and they said that Hermione was running a temperature and was basically inconsolable. So immediately I started hysterically weeping. One, because my baby needed/wanted me and two, because I was just so frickin’-frackin’ frustrated that I wasn’t in real labor.

It was a good thing that I hadn’t gone into labor, though, because later that night, Huff the Tot woke up at 11:00 p.m., puking.

The three of us laid in Mommy and Daddy’s bed and got ZERO sleep. Oh, and did I mention that Saturday night we “sprang forward”?


And, you guessed it, Sunday passed with no baby.


So, yeah. I’m a little frustrated. And miserable. And I know in my heart he’ll come when he’s ready. But in my head, I’m like, “WILL YOU PLEASE JUST GET OUT?!”

And that’s why my blogs have been so scarce lately. But, I figure the best way to get my mind off the fact that I’m not in labor is to continue as I would. So you can expect new blogs this week! Woo!

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