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He’s here, y’all!
My little big boy finally made his debut!

And let me tell ya, giving birth the second time around is SO much different!

My water broke at around 7:15 am on Wednesday, March 16. And it wasn’t a trickle; it was a GUSH.



We checked into the hospital around 8:30 am and I was already at a four! A four! It took me 8 hours of labor with Huff the Tot to progress that much!


My epidural didn’t hurt as much when it got administered this time. When I was in triage getting checked out, the nurses kept saying that the guy that was giving the epidurals that day was AMAZING. He REALLY was! I felt absolutely NOTHING. With HtT, I felt EVERYTHING.


My labor was significantly shorter. I was only in labor 7 1/2 hours with Indy. Hermione’s labor lasted 22 hours! I only pushed for 15 minutes. With my first delivery, I pushed for about two hours! I felt like a BAMF!


Now, I know every labor/delivery is different, but I do think there is something to what people say when they claim that second labor and deliveries are faster! Not only that, but I feel like my body has bounced back much faster this time around. Granted, I’m exhausted, but physically I feel pretty good!
What about you? Was your second (or third) delivery faster than your first? Share in the comments below!

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